Sound of Drums- Pirate England FanFiction (Hetalia)

Arthur Kirkland was always a successful pirate. Ladies, rum, some gold; he had all he wanted. But he wanted more. He captured a girl on the docks one day. This girl turns out to be the stubborn princess of Ireland, Sofia. Arthur wants her to bend to his will but she refuses. What measures will he go to for her to bow to him?


1. Chapter One


Captain Arthur Kirkland walked back to his ship, rum bottle in hand. He had a successful trip to the closest bar on the docks, drinking almost all their rum and taking the rest back to the ship, after setting the bar on fire in their stupor.

Arthur considered himself a successful pirate, more successful than others. He could burn down the village the bar was in but he was feeling generous today.

The crew loaded the rum on the ship as he barked orders at them from the dock, swaying a little from the rum. As he did this, his eyes wandered randomly. They fixated on a girl not far away. She was sitting on the edge of the dock, light blue dress pulled up a bit, toes barely gracing the water. Her light brow hair was hung in a ponytail that went her back. A stray strand of hair was braided and set aside from the ponytail. Her soft pink lips were twisted in a small smile as she hummed to herself quietly. He noticed the jewels she wore as well. As a pirate, he could not miss the diamond necklace she wore, the earrings that matched, and the few rings she wore.

Arthur's eyes stayed on her for a while then they drifted back to his crew, who were getting sluggish in their movements. "Hurry up!" he shouted at them. Their pace quickened nervously. No one wanted to face the captain's wrath if they did something he did not approve of.

Arthur's eyes drifted back to the girl. He had a plan formulating in his head slowly. He could keep the jewels for himself, the dress also looked expensive. This girl obviously had money to spend.

If he did end up taking he captive, like he was thinking, she would be useful in more ways than one.

He approached her, boots thumping on the wooden dock. "'Ello," he said.

The girl looked up at him, stopping her song mid-hum. "Hello," she greeted cautiously.

"What is a loverly young lass, like yerself, doin' out here all alone?" he asked a smirk appearing on his face.

"Nothing at all," she said. She looked him over, noticing the pirate-like attire. Warning signals shot off in her head and she stood quickly. "I was just about to leave actually." She tried to walk around him but he blocked her way. "Can you please move out of my way, sir?" she asked kindly.

With one sweep of his hand, he had the girl over his shoulder. He ignored her screams and yells as he walked back to his ship. "If you want money, you can have it! I have plenty!" she yelled at him, her voice in a plea. "Ah bet ye do," he said. He dropped her in a cell, in the lowest parts of the ship, locking her in. Arthur sat in a chair on the other side of the ship, watching her.

The girl stayed silent at first, looking around. She scooted further into the darkness of the chamber.

"Ah wouldn' do that me lass. Ye don' know what's been down here. Even Ah don' know," Arthur spoke.

She turned to him, eyes wide with fear. "Let me out," she pleaded. "I will give you all the money you want, just please let me go."

"Ah..." Arthur nodded in understanding. "Ah don' need yer money. Some would be nice but Ah have a good use fer ye," he replied.

"P-please. I-I will do anything, sir," she said, voice quavering.

"Captain Arthur Kirkland is the name," he said. Arthur crossed his arms over his chest and rested one leg on top of the other, tipping his chair back a little.

The girl swayed a little, not used to being on a boat sailing.

"Ain' got yer sea legs yet lassie?" he asked, laughing at her a little.

"Wh-What are you going to do with me?" she asked, ignoring his question.

The captain squinted at her. "Ye didn' answer me question."

"Oh! Sorry!" the girl apologized, shaking a little from his unwavering gaze. "I have never been on sea before," she said truthfully. She looked down, trying to avoid his eyes.

Arthur stood, taking a step forward. "Listen here lass, the crew has been slackin' in their work. Even when we find gold or go out for rum, they still move slowly. They need some...motivation. We ain' had a woman on board in ages." The captain smirked. "Never expected a lady as fine as ye either."

"Motivation? What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"Entertain them."

"E-Entertain them? You mean...?"


The girl quivered, still looking at the ground. "I will not," she spoke softly.

"What did ye say?" Arthur muttered darkly.

"I said I will not be your sex slave!" she yelled, glaring up at him.

Arthur grabbed her chin through the bars. "Ah am the bloody captain. Ye do as Ah say," he said.

"I am the princess of Ireland! I do not have to obey you!" she shouted in his face.

Arthur's face lit up like a Christmas tree the moment princess was mentioned. "Yer the princess, huh?" he asked, smirking.

She nodded, gaze never wavering. "Yes. I am Sofia, the princess of Ireland," she stated.

Many ideas flooded through Arthur's head all at once. 'So many options,' he thought to himself. He stumbled back and fell into his chair again, thinking.

"Arthur?" Sofia asked meekly from her cell. She knew she had just made a huge mistake in telling him her true identity.

"Shut up."

"I shall repeat myself--"

"I said shut up!"

"I do not take orders from filthy sea scum such as yourself!"

A wave hit the boat roughly, knocking Sofia over. She fell to the ground in a heap. She could feel something slimy along her wrist. She squealed and moved back as far as she could, trembling. "Please let me out," she pleaded.

"Ah'm afraid Ah can't do that," Arthur said. "You have not agreed to my terms."

"And I never will!"

"THEN ROT DOWN HERE!" Arthur shouted, frustrated. Any other woman would've had enough sense by now and done what he wished, but not her. She was stubborn and selfish. Arthur hated to admit he liked that quality, even though it aggravated him so.

Sofia stood again, tears threatening to spill. 'I have to stay strong. I can't show him that I'm weak,' she thought.

"C-can I please just stay somewhere else?" she asked softly, looking down again, trying to hide her tears.

"There is no other place fer ye to stay, love. There would be the crew's cabins." Arthur smirked. "It's not much better than here. There is me cabin."

Sofia looked up at him, hopeful. "Anything is better than here...captain," she said. She disliked calling him that, but if she were to get what she wanted in this situation, it was necessary.

Arthur's smirk grew. "Tryin' to sugar me, eh?" he asked.

Sofia looked at him, confused.

"Tryin' to be nice to me so ye can move?" Arthur tried again.

Sofia's eyes widened. "I would never--"

"Save it. I know ye are." Arthur sighed and stood.

Sofia faltered, not saying anything.

Arthur took keys out of his pocket. He walked over and unlocked the door, grabbing her wrist before she could make a run for it. He obviously knew they were in the ocean so even if she tried, she would not get far. Arthur wanted the chase though. That was half the fun, right? That is why he made his grip loose, so that she would run.

Arthur shot another look at the cell. He would've hated to left such a beautiful young woman down there anyways. Sofia's dress was already covered in dirt and her hair already sticking up a little.

Sofia was looking at him. His grip seemed a little loose to her. 'Is he doing it on purpose?' she thought. It didn't matter either way; she could escape. She twisted her hand, breaking free from his grip and sprinted off. Her feet found their way back to the deck. She looked around, seeing men working everywhere. Sofia paused and ran to the side of the ship, seeing nothing but water. "I'm too late," she choked out.

"We already set sail," a voice said from behind her. Sofia spun facing Captain Kirkland. "I love it when they run," he said cockily.

Sofia ignored him, searching the ship for a small raft to escape on. She small but one small, rickety raft on the other end of the ship. Arthur followed her gaze lazily. "Ah.." he muttered in comprehension. Before he could stop her, she bolted to the other side and started untying the raft.

Men stared at her. "Get her!" Arthur shouted. "Bunch of idiots," he mumbled as the men scrambled to grab her arms and restrain her. Arthur walked up, tapping her chin with a dirty finger. "No no no, darling," he mocked. He turned to walk away. "Lock her in me cabin," he instructed.

The men did as told, carrying her off. The others stood there, dumbfounded. "Get back to work!" the captain shouted.

He walked up a small flight of stairs and to the wheel of the ship. He ran his hand over the carved wood lovingly. "Ah lassie, smooth as ever, huh?" he muttered. He set the other on the wheel as well. Arthur stared at the vast sea he called home.

His eyes were on the sea but his thoughts drifted a certain woman named Sofia. He had no idea what he was going to do with her. At the moment, it seemed she would never cooperate. An idea popped in his head. If he was nice to her, maybe she would finally come around. Arthur disliked the idea of actually treating the girl as a civilized guest but it had to be done. He could think of no other way to get her to cooperate. 'I'll let her sleep in my bed and eat our food for a couple days. With a few compliments, she should be wrapped around my finger,' he thought. Arthur shuddered at the thought of actually complimenting someone. He bit his lip. 'I have to do it.'

He controlled the ship for another hour before giving it to his second-in-command and heading downstairs to his cabin. He opened the door and saw Sofia sitting on the floor, crying.

She looked up when he came in and quickly dried her eyes. Even though she tried to hide the fact that she had been crying, her eyes were still puffy and red.

"Hello," she greeted sadly.

"Hello..." Arthur replied. He cringed but went on, "Why don't ye sit on the bed? It is more comfortable."

Sofia's eyes widened. The captain could tell her brain was rushing, fumbling for an answer. Too dumbstruck, she just did as told. Even though the bed was just wood with some feathers and sheets, it was better than the ground.

Arthur walked over and sat at his desk. Papers were skewn everywhere. Maps, weather and dates, wind frequency, and destinations laid everywhere. Ignoring the papers, Arthur put his boots on the desk.

Sofia still had her eyes glued on him. "What?" he asked impatiently. She quickly shook her head. " just seemed like you were just nice to me," she replied.

Arthur wanted to say so many sarcastic things back but bit his tongue. Instead, he grabbed a bottle of rum from under his desk and took a gulp of it.

Sofia cringed at how he swallowed, liquid running down his throat. He let out a belch afterwards, making her cringe more. Arthur saw this and frowned. 'What am I doing wrong now?' he wondered angrily. He scowled at her unintentionally. Sofia looked away, a little afraid.

Arthur looked at his rum. He didn't even want to think about putting it away because it upset her. He just swiveled his chair around so that he wasn't facing her. He drank more happily, congradulating himself on his brilliant thinking.

When he finished the bottle, he opened a window and threw it out, relishing the short sea breeze beofre shutting it again. He turned his attention back to Sofia, who sat on the bed silently, staring at her hands. If she were to sleep there, where on earth would he sleep? The floor was just too hard. He didn't want to lower himself to actually sleeping with the crew. In the end, he decided he would sleep in his chair. It might not be the most comfortable, but it would do.

Arthur cleared his throat, trying to get her attention. She looked up at him, wide eyed. "Ah... so fer the sleeping arrangements..." he mumbled. "Ye will be sleeping on me bed. Ah will sleep in me chair."

Sofia shook he head. "I couldn't let you sleep in such an uncomfortable place," she said.

"Yer...Yer the guest so ye sleep in the bed. Ah sleep here," he repeated. He gulped. It was truly unheard of a pirate showing the least bit of charity. 'Ah have disgraced me self already. No one else needs to know,' he thought. Hiding it from his crew would be simple; they were a bunch of morons anyways.

"But--" Sofia started to protest.

"Just sleep there fer Christ's sake!" Arthur shouted at her.

Sofia flinched but nodded. She slowly lowered herself so her head rest on the feather pillow. She did not even pull the blanket around her.

Arthur sighed. It was obvious that being nice would take some practice for him.

The captain glanced out his window, the dark was rolling in. He looked back at Sofia who laid still, terrified. "Get some rest," he muttered. He walked back to his desk, mapping out their route for the next few weeks.

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