Brother's Best Friend

We can't do this... Max would hurt you if he found out.
He won't find out... I won't let him


3. Chapter Three


Anna's POV: We pulled into the parking lot of Crazy Cocoa and I was about to open my door but Zach told me to stop and I just looked at him like he was crazy. "Why can't I get out of the car?" I asked with a confused look. He didn't respond he just got out of the car and headed to my side. I didn't know what he was going to do until he opened my door. "You know I can open my own door right?" I said laughing. "Yeah but I wanted to open it for you." he said with a puppy dog face. I grabbed his hand and lead him into the coffee shop and went straight to the counter. The cashier kept flirting with and I could see a flash a jealousy on Zach's face. He put his arm around me getting all protective and gave the guy a look before ordering what he wanted.

        Once we got our drinks I lead him to my favorite booth in the shop. By the window and still being able to see all of the paintings that are on the walls along with the stage that sometimes has singers or people saying poetry. I really liked to come on those nights so I could see what people were actually like when they are around people that do the same things as them and won't judge them on it. That's the problem these days people get judged about the things that do or what they look like. I don't go for that, I want people to like me for me not for doing what they like just to be friends with them. Or doing and saying mean things just so I can be friends with that person.

        We talked until our coffee was gone about anything and everything. Zach even held my hand over the table. I think I'm getting feelings for one of my brother's best friend. I don't know how I'm going to tell him that we are starting to hang out but I know I'm going to have to at some point because either way he will find out. But I stopped thinking about that right now because I was with Zach and I didn't want to ruin my time with him thinking about something that doesn't need to be worried about right now. "What do want to do next?" asked Zach. "Well I have some homework and I have to clean my room... so I better get home." He looked a little upset and I didn't really want to go but I know I need to do the right thing and be responsible.

>>>>>>>>>>Skip Car Ride<<<<<<<<<<<<<<         
        "Thanks for the fun day." I said. "No problem I had a good time. Maybe you could show me the best ice cream shop next time." "I think that could be arranged." I said opening the car door but was stopped when Zach grabbed my hand. "Wait you forgot something." "What?" I asked confused. "This." he said leaning in and kissing me. We sat there like this for a little bit until I heard someone clear their throat. Well looks like I don't have to worry about telling him...
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