Brother's Best Friend

We can't do this... Max would hurt you if he found out.
He won't find out... I won't let him


1. Chapter One

    Anna's POV:  My alarm went off at it's usual time which is 5:30. I got up and curled my hair and  did my make-up and decided to put this on When I was done getting ready I went downstairs and grabbed my smoothie that Maria makes for me everyday. I don't have a car because I'm not old enough so I ride with Max and his friends. Which I don't care because Max let's me sit in the front seat. I wait for him to come downstairs so we can go. I saw him approaching so I head towards the door after handing him his coffee. Once in the car I turned the radio on and we started heading to a foreign street. "Where are we going?" I asked a little confused. "One of my friend's car broke down so I said  I would give him a ride. Oh along with his sister that is your age." "Oh great what's his name and her name?" "Zach and Lizzie Matthews." "Wait that's one of my best friends!" I shouted excitedly. "Oh that's your friend Lizzie?" he asked and then muttered something under his breath that I didn't understand. "What was that?" "Nothing." he said pulling into a driveway.

        I saw Lizzie and a really hot guy around Max's age. "Is that Zach?" I ask with a huge smile on my face. He rolled his eyes. "Yeah and you can't date him." "Who said anything about dating?" I said innocently. He rolled his eyes again. Before Lizzie got in the truck she folded her dress over her butt. She is wearing this she looked gorgeous as always. "Hey Liz!" I said with a smile. "Anna what are you doing here?" she asked sort of confused. "This is my brother Max." "Dude who's that?" Zach said looking me up and down. "Well that's my sister and she's off limits." Zach he winked at me and continued to text. I rolled my eyes and looked forward.

        Zach's POV: That Anna girl is really hot and I don't care what Max says I'm going to get close to her. I just feel that I need her in my life for some odd reason. Like she would do something important in my life. My phone vibrated and it was my sister sending me Anna's number. 

Me: Hey gorgeous...:)
Anna: Ommm... who's this?
Me: Zach...
Anna: Zach who?
How couldn't she remember me maybe she's just playing hard to get.
Me: Lizzie's brother
Anna: Oh hey how did you get my number?
Me: Lizzie gave it to me because you seem like an interesting person and I wanted to get to know you more...
Anna: Oh really ;)
Me: Want to go get coffee after school?
Anna: I don't know how my brother would react to that maybe we shouldn't...
Me: It's just coffee it's not like it means were sleeping together... unless you want too haha ;)
Anna: Haha as tempting that sounds I'm going to pass. :)
Me: Yah sure? haha ;)
Anna: I guess we can get some coffee.
Me: How about after school?
Anna: Sure:)
Me: It's a date
Anna: :)

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