Brother's Best Friend

We can't do this... Max would hurt you if he found out.
He won't find out... I won't let him


5. Chapter Five

  Anna's POV: I woke up to my phone ringing, when I grabbed it I saw that Zach was calling.
Me: Hello?
Zach: Your morning voice is sexy...
Me: Not as sexy as yours...
Zach: You might want to get ready you know...
Me: That means I have to get off the phone.
Zach: Well that's the price that I have to pay so that I can see you bye...

        When he hung up I went into the bathroom curled my, did my makeup and put on this . By the time I was done Zach was here. So I snuck downstairs so my brother wouldn't hear me. When Zach saw me he smiled and I couldn't help but smile back. "Hey beautiful." he said before pulling me in for a kiss. "Hi..." I said with my forehead against his. "Maybe we shouldn't make out in your drive way since your brother already wants to kill me." he said pulling away. "You know he will eventually forgive you." I said grabbing his hand. "I'm not worried about me Anna..." he paused. "I'm worried about you." I let go of his and looked down at my hands while playing with them. "Why are you worried about me?" "I don't want to be the reason you and your brother are arguing. I want to be with you and he doesn't want me to and when Lizzie finds out she will kill me." "It's not their choice so they can stay out of it and they shouldn't be influencing anything. It's our decision." I said looking over at him. He looked at me for a second but then put his eyes back on the road. "I'll talk to him." Zach said. "I could possibly talk to Lizzie." I suggested. "Or I can talk to Max and you can talk to Lizzie." I suggested while playing with my fingers. "I don't want him to hurt you..." he said while trailing off. "My brother would never hurt me." I said a little to angrily. 

        We sat there in silence for a little but until I broke it. "So where are we going?" "Out for breakfast..." he replied while pulling into Lily's Diner. "How did you know that I love this place?" I asked excitedly. "I didn't..." he said trailing off. "I love this place too." he said looking over and smiling at me. I took that time to kiss his cheek and get out of the car. "You got out of that car fast." "Well I'm excited!!!" I said louder then I needed to and while jumping up and down. "Okay if you're done jumping up and down let's go eat." he said while grabbing my hand. 

A/N: Sorry for the sucky update... I'll try to update tomorrow. And if you love my story tell your friends about it. Thanks for reading my lovelies :)

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