Brother's Best Friend

We can't do this... Max would hurt you if he found out.
He won't find out... I won't let him


8. Chapter 7

  Anna's POV: "I don't want to stop kissing you, but we can't be seen together at school." I said while kissing him every other word. "Why can't we be seen together?" "People would talk and then my brother would find out... and he needs to cool down." I said looking up to him with  my puppy dog eyes. "I know, I know... but what about when we hang out? Where are we gonna go?" "I could sneak into your window..." I said with a wink. "That sounds tempting and my parents don't get home until five so I can say you were there the whole time." "Okay and Lizzie is going to the mall with friends and  I said that I had to study." "Perfect." he said pecking me on the lips and getting out of the car. When I got out he went one way and I went the other. When I got to my locker you'll never guess who was waiting for me, Max. "Max, what do you want?" " Where were you this morning I thought I was going to take you to school." "I got a ride from Lex." I lied. "I talked to her this morning so I know that's a lie." "What are you doing talking to Lex?" I demanded. "She's a friend and were you with Zach?" he asked angrily. "Yeah I was and obviously your friends with Lex, so I can be friends with Zach." I defended myself. "I don't want you to talk to him anymore Anna." That's when I saw him walking down the hallway. "Then I won't." I stormed down the hall towards him and pulled him into a really passionate kiss. That's when I feel Max grab my arm and drag me away from Zach. Just to make him even more mad I blew him a kiss and winked. 
        "What is your deal?!" Max demanded. "I like him okay, I want to be with him and I think he wants to be with me. What I was doing this morning was he took me out for breakfast okay?" I said breaking into tears. He tried to comfort me but I walk in the other direction towards the doors and don't stop until I'm out the door. "Anna where are you going? What's wrong?" Alexa shouts after me. I turn around and wipe my eyes. "Nothing..." I say with a sniffle. "Anna I know something is wrong I have known you for to long to believe that." "I just need to go shop or something and then I will tell you because I can't Lizzie about this. She would kill me. That's when I felt my phone go off. 

Zach: Max told me what you said...
Me: I don't want to talk about it right now...

        I didn't even wait for his response I just linked my arm in Alexa's and we walked towards her car. "To the mall we go." Lex shouts. Okay the first store we need to go to is Forever 21. We both picked out some stuff we liked and went into the dressing rooms and had our own little fashion show. This is what I ended up getting . "What store next?" I asked Lex as she checked her phone. "How bout Rue21?" "Let's go..." I said linking my arm with hers. When we were walking through the mall a couple of guys checked us out and winked... some even whistled but we ignored them all and laughed and talked. When we got to Rue21 we did the same thing we did in Forever 21 and I ended up getting this and more . "This is really fun but I need a coffee." complained Lex. "Okay let's go to Victoria Secrets and Hollister and we can leave." 

        When we were done at the mall Lex dragged me to he car. "I need some coffee." she complained. "Let's go I could really use a smoothie." I said looking down at my phone. There were texts from Zach, Max, Lizzie, and Jeremy. 

From Zach:
Are you okay?
Anna Banna?
Please answer me...  I don't want you to be mad at me

From Max:
Where the f*ck are you?
Why aren't you at school?
I'm gonna have to tell mom about this...
I'm not gonna tell mom just tell me your all right...

From Lizzie:
Where r u?
Okay you and Lex aren't here where are you?
Grr... if you guys went shopping without me I'm going to be mad...
Answer me...
Where are you????

From Jeremy:
Hey gorgeous :D
I miss you...
Text me when you get this...
I got some exciting news :)

To Jeremy:
Hey what's the exciting news you can't just wait to tell me?:)

To Max:
I'm fine I'm with Lex and don't pull the your gonna tell mom card. I have some stuff I could tell her about you too...
To Zach:
I'm not mad at you and we still on for after school?

To Lizzie:

From Jeremy: 
I'm moving back to Alabama:) I can't wait to see you...

        "Lex guess who's moving back to Alabama?" I said with a huge smile on my face. "Who?" she looked over at me with a confused expression on her face. "Jeremy." I shouted jumping up and down in my seat a little. Jeremy is my ex-boyfriend and I'm still in love with him. We had to break up because I don't believe in long distant relationships. When he left I went into a deep depression and I didn't get out of it until a few months ago. He was the love of my life and still is.  I was in the middle of my thoughts when we pulled up in front of Lex's favorite coffee shop, Bean House, yeah I know your probably thinking what is up with all the weird names of the stores in this town. Bean House is also the coffee shop where she works and to add to that she has a huge crush on Mike one of the cashier guys. After we ordered we sat down at our usual booth and I told her all about Zach and didn't leave out the part where he is my brother's best friend and my best friend's brother.


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