Harry Styles and a secret

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3. I'm falling for him

Harry and I kisses what seemed like forever. Well forever untill my phone started ringing. Great it's my dad. Jerk face. ---authors note: execuse my French( if u know what I mean)--- I answer it.
"Yea dad?"
"Where the fuck r u?"
"At my boyfriends house. Why the fuck do u care?"
"Cuz I'm ur father."
"Since when u fucking left me, my brother, my sister and mom alone when I was 7! That was fucking ten fucking years ago! And now u get the nerve to call me? Just becuz I have a boyfriend?"
"Hey I care for u. And don't use that kind of fucking language with me young lady!"
"Fuck off dad! Or better yet go fuck the whore u married!" I haung up on him. Tears lightly at first come streaming down my face. Harry presses me into his chest. Trying to Cher me up. Tears fall faster. They ruin his shirt.
"I....just.....want....to.....forget.....him... Harry.... I.... Love..... You" I said through my sobs.
"Elliot I love u to."
"Oh I'm ruining ur shirt. I'm sorry"
"Don't be. I have others." He kisses my forehead.
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