Harry Styles and a secret

Just read it


2. Good Morning

I wake up on the couch with strong arms around me. My head in his chest. I look up to see Harry sleeping. I tried to get up but he wouldn't let me. He crushed me into his chest.
"Harry.... I....can't....breathe.....wake....up" I tried to say. His eyes shoot open.
"I'm so srry!" His grip loosens but it's still tight. But that's how I like it.
"Morning sleepy head."
" so whatcha wanna do today?"
"Stay here with u on this semi- comfy couch. How about you?"
"Same here:"
"Will u be my girlfriend?" I look at him.
"Yes I will." He smiles. I pull the blanket over us. I put my head in his chest again. He kisses my forehead. I look up at him.
"Harry kiss me." He presses his lips onto mine. His lips r soft. I could get used to this.
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