Harry Styles and a secret

Just read it


1. Elliot's POV

I get a txt from Harry saying that he was just leaving. I ran to my room and changed into skinny jeans and an orange top. I ran to my brothers room saying I'm going with a friend he said ok. I grabbed my shoes and slide them on. I put on some make up but only alittle. I hear a car pull in and run downstairs and out the door.
"Hey Elliot"
"Hey Harry" we get into the car. We drove back to his place.
" just so u know the guys r here." He pulls into the drive way.
"This place is HUGE!!!!" I say. Harry laughs. We walk in to Lou and Niall fighting over whose Buzz. They stop fighting when they saw me.
"Hey!" They all said.
"This is Elliot." Harry said.
"What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady." Liam said. Harry gave him a glare. He backed off. We sat on the couch. Toy Story was almost over.
"We should watch Toy Story 2!" I said. Liam looked at me like 'I was thinking the same thing!' He put in the movie and we had a Toy Story marathon.

By the time the last movie ended it was 9:30. I was half asleep in Harry's arms. My eyes lids dropped and I was out like a light.

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