Feel what I say.


18. What I'm Missing


What im missing..   I want you to help me find,   Its hard to keep going on without it,   Plus im running out of time,   It all seemed so simple,   When i thought i knew what to do,   Now ive lost myself,   And thats why ive come to you,   Who would have thought that this would have ever happened to me?   But why regret anything when everythings meant to be?   So here I stand, Nowhere near a man,   Was it planned for me to fail..or was failure just my plan?   As moments turn to memories, and my feelings begin to fade,   I realize that getting older only means that death is on its way,   So where do I go when I have no where to run?   How do I save myself when Im the one holding the gun?   Whose gonna be here to dry up all my tears?   What do you have to overcome when you are your only fear?   As i ask you these questions one thing becomes clear,   You are not real,   What im missing..   Was never here.
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