Feel what I say.


14. Timeless


I’m not ready yet,  but I know it’s not my choice anyway.   I try to live everyday to its fullest, because it could be that day..any day   Will my death be the highlight of my life?   Because thats the day everyone will come together and pretend..as if all my wrongs were right.   I know Im going to die, But Im not afraid.   But wherever I am will my soul be alone..   Or shall I be dormant inside a coffin where my cold vessel is laid?    I don’t think you can really know why your here..   Until its time for you to go,   So because of this I forgot my fears,   And from my inner darkness I elicited a firework show,   Living life to the fullest,   Because all I truly possess is time,   And time is what I’m running out of,   So in that case, I must find love,   All I truly want is love,   Love is what made me, and love is what will take me away,   I don’t want the definition, I want the essence.   Fuck my exterior I want my soul to smile while in your presence.    I want your skin to dry my tears,   I want our love to keep the sky clear,   But love,    Oh love,   Why do you hate me so?   Your my tree that refuses to grow,   Your my sun that refuses to shine,   A cake that cant be eaten..even though its mine,   So time, please give me time,   Allow me to experience all of life’s divines,   So I’m begging you please,   Before the day I die,   Let me search for love,   One last time.
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