Feel what I say.


1. Right Way, Wrong Turn


I’m doing right to prove you wrong, But should I begin to do wrong to prove you right? I just might.. Because its suicide trying to fight this fight, How do I win if I start from the end, Why do you bash me before we even begin? But I understand, So I came up with a plan, Treat you right give you the world and one day become your man, But damn, You say the things I say are not true, When we speak my heart speaks, So I guess you say my heart lies to you? These eyes are not to deceive, Their here to make you believe, Broadcast to you the truth that words cannot achieve, I was a caged bird and you set me free, I was a wilted flower and you gave life to me, So tell me.  Why would I go back to that cage? Why would I hide from the sunshine that supports my lifeline?  These aren’t just rhymes, These feelings are mine,  I want to be happily ever after, Not once upon a time, We don’t love like others love this love is only yours and mine, And all this time, this love of mine, Has me doing right, But if doing right is forever wrong..   Then fine, For I’ll forever do right, And you’ll forever think I’m lying.
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