Feel what I say.


2. Red Rose


Red rose,  Studded with thorns, My painful addiction that my soul adorns, Let me hold you, let me aid your growth.. No matter the weather, I promise I’ll never let you go, Wrap your stem around me, Intertwine your lifeline with mine, Cause whatever you feel I’ll feel at the same time.. Red rose,  Studded with thorns, Your not mine, And I’m not yours, There’s no me or you.. It’s we..not one..but 2, What we have is not like another, Not like sister and brother, Or daughter and mother,  But like husband and wife, Together for life.. There is no wrong..as long as your to my right, And if everyone left.. I’d be okay, As long as you promise you’ll forever stay, Red rose,  Studded with thorns, Don’t change.. Just grow, Put on a show, Blossom and bloom and let the world see the you that only I know, What you have yet to become,  The one.. For me, For us, Forever. I’ll never.  Love another like I love you.  Because there’s no other..  Like you. Red Rose.
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