Feel what I say.


4. Maybe..


Maybe if I stand still, you’ll stand with me. 

Maybe if I press pause, you’ll stop trying to rewind me.

Because I'm remembering our dreams, While you are dreaming of our memories,

And all the things that made us more than friends are now making us enemies,

Maybe if I pretend to be, Whatever you want from me, We will be able to continue on with our destiny's,

Maybe… Or maybe not.

Because I’ve given you all I have and your still reaching for more,

I’m journeying to our happily ever after, And your backtracking to what we were before,

Maybe our love for love ain’t love no more,

Cause lately, I’ve tried and I’ve failed. What I thought was heaven has turned to hell,

What was once freedom is now my jail,

When did it become so hard to tell That we fell..

But Maybe we can get up.

Or Maybe not.

Maybe we should stop,

Or maybe we should start over,

Maybe if we’re lucky love can be our four leaf clover.

Maybe we can use all the reasons for us to give up..to keep going,

Speed up this love that’s steadily slowing,

Maybe we have time to fix this,

Maybe we can stay together.

Maybe we have forever..

Just. Maybe.

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