Feel what I say.


6. I'll Knock


I knock.  But no ones home.  The one that was supposed to be there.. Has disappeared.  And this absence has me stranded in a crossfire between ambition..and fear,  For over the years I’ve come to forget what I’m doing,  And lost sight of where I’m going,  Fooling others with the fire in my eyes, For in my heart it is snowing, I look for clues as I drift,  Can’t do it alone so I let the drugs give me a lift, Temporary satisfaction, that only worsens a permanent rift, It makes me wonder.  I wish I knew where you went, I wish I knew what to do,  But since I don’t, I’ll knock.  I’ll knock until blood flows from my hand and I show pain a pain it never felt, I’ll knock until my body becomes numb to me and I instill fear in fear itself,  I’ll knock until you come to me,  And you give me back what you gave to someone else, I’ll knock. And knock. And knock. Until there’s an answer. But there will never be an answer..  Because no ones home.
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