Feel what I say.


10. If I ever


I never knew what to say, Because I didn’t know what to do, If I ever.. Loved you.  You don’t know what you mean to me, And honestly neither do I, Because words cannot describe this feeling that I feel inside,  I’m scared of this feeling.. Because I want it, and it wants me.. Forgive me, I have to keep it tamed, I can’t set it free.. But the temptation is fierce when it comes to you and me, Because there is no feeling that could be greater, Not even ecstasy.  Your eyes.. Your eyes stir my soul, your eyes bring warmth to a barren wasteland that is tundra cold,  Your lips.. Your lips tease my heart, your lips signal a race which knows no end so forever starts, Your touch.. Your touch jolts a chill through my body and sends a jones through my bones that makes my soul want to party, Your smile.. Your beautiful smile.. Your smile gives me the courage, The courage to say.. What I never knew how to say, The courage to do.. The things I never knew how to do,  If I ever.. No. Since I do.. Love you.
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