Feel what I say.


20. Her Pain


I will never understand,    Why she came back… when she could’ve ran,    She had the chance to escape,    A once in a lifetime chance to change fate,    But she decided to deal,    She thought that love was real,    Why did she submit to the feeling?    How did the pain become spiritual healing?    How did she lose control of her heart?    How did her pain become our love, and not even I could tell them apart?    I was trying to rescue her, while she was trying to save me,    Her love was her ally, her love was my enemy,    She did this to herself,    She did this to me,    Her love locked me up,    Her pain swallowed the key,    I will never understand,    Why she came back…    Because I was too blind to see,    She loved me and left, but her pain never left me. 
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