Feel what I say.


16. Free


Close your eyes..

And Jump,

Let all the baggage that once held you back,


Let yourself be free of the pain that once turned your heart cold,

Even though you can’t see,

Follow the feeling,

It will lead you to me,

As long as your willing,

The journey wont be easy,

But in the end it’ll be worth it,

I promise I’ll take care of you, But I can’t promise I’ll be perfect,

Know that I’m here for you,

Here until the day that my body lays still,

I’m here to be your rock when you can’t stand on your own will,

The warmth is getting closer, You feel it taking over,

But dont be afraid of the high feeling, That will never allow you to again be sober, Just embrace it all..

The Love, The Pain, The Sunshine, The Rain,

All the emotions that would drive one insane,

If they were alone..

So as you fall, Know that your not falling alone,

Because I will be with you every second,

Until our hearts find their homes.

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