Feel what I say.


17. Do you Remember?


There she is, Living day by day,   With not much to say,   Emotions astray, Pretending as if shes okay,   Its as if her soul left, But her body decided to stay..   I wish I could ask her, The reason..   Why the hell would you hurt yourself?   Why did you allow yourself to change?   She said Love became an animal that she could not tame,   It captured her heart, And drove her mind insane,   I asked her why? She couldnt remember..   I wanted to know..   Who did this to you?   What kind of love is so strong that you wouldnt know whats going on?   What kind of guy is so wrong to just play you all along?   What did he have, That you needed? Why were you mistreated?   She couldnt remember..   Then suddenly she screamed..   I just wanted someone to love, and to love me back twice as hard,   Someone down for the journey no matter how far,   Someone to hold me up when I couldnt stand on my own two feet,   Someone to love me, because I am unique..   Then she said to me..   Those were the things you said to me..   Do you remember?
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