Feel what I say.


12. Climax


Close your eyes.   Receive me.   Give me your body,   Expose yourself to every emotion imaginable.   Open your eyes,   And dream.   As I plunge into your body, soul, and mind,   Open your mouth..   And scream,   As our bodies begin to tangle and intertwine,   But baby take your time,   Because I’m going to take mine..    I want to taste every drop of your body,    Feed me, Please me, Quench my thirst,   Allow my tongue to discover..   A true woman’s worth.   Hold me tight.   Sink into my skin,   Ride my body.   Like leaves riding the wind..   Lets use it all.   Our teeth, tongues, and claws,   Our protection is our only protection,   No holds barred.   Press your breasts against mine,   As our sweat drips multiple drops at a time,   And hearts begin to reach their flat lines,   And we both only have enough energy to hold it,   As I stroke one last time..   Climax.
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