Feel what I say.


13. Bang


I’ll give you the gun.   You just aim and pull the trigger.   Prove to me that your love is gone, Prove to me that my heart is bigger.   Can you do it? Can you look me in my eyes and do it?   Can you pretend as if you never felt?   Can you easily destroy everything that we built?   Your shaking now..   But I’m shaking too..   I hope, I pray, and I wish,   But I still cannot fathom what you might do,   So instead of me waiting..Instead of wishing for the best..   Show me..Show me now.   Show me that your just like the rest,   Show me that you’ll fail and give up when put to the test,   Show me that you ain’t shit..   Just like me..   Because I gave you the gun,   I gave you the opportunity,   Now Im playing the victim,   But the real victim is you..   Now give me the gun,   So I can do what you cannot do,   Bang.
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