Feel what I say.


9. Amnesia


I don’t remember anything,   But I feel it all..   The fear,   The tears,   Where am I?   Who am I?   This person I see..   Is this me?   Or is this who I pretend to be..   My dreams have left me,   My reality has faded,   My heart has been torn,   My soul has been jaded,   I don’t remember anything,   But I feel it all..   My rise, My fall.   My pride, My flaws,   My body’s been bruised,   My mind misused,   What a terrible thing to lose..   This pain I feel..cant be real,   Because I don’t remember why,   I don’t remember when,   Fuck it!   I don’t want to remember!   I don’t want to go through this pain again!   I don’t want to be betrayed by my family and backstabbed by my friends!   I don’t want to lose myself on a journey to become a man,   I don’t want to experience love..   Just to know that shit will end,   I don’t want to end..   But I’m not afraid..   Because I remember.
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