Feel what I say.


15. 3 wishes


Find me. The real me, the me that I myself don’t even know, He whom I am trying to hide, the man under the mask that’s hidden inside, The true me, the one that only my closed eyes can see.   Free me. Free me from these inconsistencies of this cold world, I just want to be saved, Saved from myself, Saved from these loops, Saved from this endless swirl. Im trapped in the deep depths of what I know as purgatory, and what you call earth, Im forever running out of time in my futile attempts to determine my own worth.   Love me. Because love is all I want, even an outcast like me feens for love, and I can’t even front, I want that indescribable feeling to takeover my mind, body, and soul, Accompany that feeling as you venture through my cold. Fill me with warmth, Lock me with love, and never let go.   Accept me. For who I am, for who I quest to be, whether I encounter triumph or defeat, Remember that I, did it for me. Success is not my plan, and failure is not an option, all I want to do is live my way, until the day, I sleep in my coffin.
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