Over Again

Julie has always been really tall, and the kids at school give her a hard time about it. She secretly is very offended but she knows that they're only teasing. But Julie wishes every day when the clock hits 11:11 that she could redo her life as a girl with normal height. But when she actually does get her way, will a sweet boy named Liam and this life changing experience change her out look on herself and on liife?


2. Stress Reliever

              When I got in my small reading class, there was only about ten kids in the room. This was my favorite of all my classes, mainly because I'm a major book worm. I slid into my back row seat and looked up to our sweet old teacher, Mrs. McCarthy. "Alright students. Today we will be continuing our current writing project. So get out your stories and let your imagination take over," she said in her firm and wise voice. She may be old, but she was as smart as any young college student, but with more common sense. 

                 I slid my piece of paper out of my binder and stared at it. My neat writing was covering the top quarter of the page. It had that nice crisp feeling to it. I smiled a half grin and got out my sharpened pencil. As I began to write, all the things that had been said to me throughout the day left my mind, Instead I was thinking about the girl in my story, Meredith, who was falling in love with a boy in her class. My mind was involved in her romance story. In that story, love was a beautiful fairy tale. For a straight hour all I did was write. I was calmer than what I had been, and I knew that I could deal with all the hate. "Okay, you've all been working hard, and I hate to interrupt you, but its' time for your next period. Bye!" Mrs. McCarthy said to us. I sighed silently and packed up my things. I smiled warmly to the teacher before leaving to go to my next class. In 11th grade at our school, everyone had to take a specialty class. My pick was study hall, just because I'm quite the dork. But there was a major problem with my pick. That class was where everyone who got into trouble had to go for their specialty class. So I had to deal with a bunch of stuck up jocks, a bunch of snooty girls, and the chaos that went on in that room. *sigh*  

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