Over Again

Julie has always been really tall, and the kids at school give her a hard time about it. She secretly is very offended but she knows that they're only teasing. But Julie wishes every day when the clock hits 11:11 that she could redo her life as a girl with normal height. But when she actually does get her way, will a sweet boy named Liam and this life changing experience change her out look on herself and on liife?


3. Hole in the Middle of my Heart like a Polo

                         I sat in my assigned seat as all the quite kids came in with me. Then just as the bell rang, most of the popular kids came in loudly. The other part of popular kids that weren't there were probably out in the halls, goofing around. They were going to be late, and our strict teacher Mr. Hawthorn wasn't going to be happy with them. All of my teachers had a soft spot for me and never really gave me much to worry about. But the strict teachers like Mr. Hawthorn had a lot in store for misbehaving kids. 

                            I started on my writing project again, seeing as my homework from last night was completed, unlike most of the school. I also knew that once the rest or the kids came in, their group would make a bunch of noise and distractions behind the teacher's back. I just shook my head, grimacing as I continued to be swept into my magical world.

                                My world is where I feel safe and free. I am strong in my world, and I have this mindset that I could do anything. And I can do anything there. I can climb the walls, fly, see anyplace I want. And the best part is, the sky is the limit there. I can do anything. 

                                 I was writing as fast as a cheetah running across the solid Earth. My mind was wrapped up in my story, and I knew it was going to be one of my best stories yet. I was flipping the paper over when I heard laughter coming from the outside of our door. I looked up, my once smiling face losing its happiness immediately. I watched the door swing open as the three biggest and most arrogant jocks in the school walked in the door nonchalantly. They had smug grins on their faces, but Mr. Hawthorn looked ready to burst. I glanced up at the three (American) football players. My body froze in its mid air position.

                                         I knew what would happen next. "I told you that if you were late again, you'd be in big time trouble, and I meant it. Go to the principal's office, and tell him I sent you. I'm sure he'll do the right thing with you boys," Mr. Hawthorne said smugly to them. Almost instantly their grins and smirks faded and worried faces looked back to the teacher. They looked terrified at the thought that they could get into trouble that could lead to them being suspended from playing football. I bet their thoughts were, 'They can't survive on the field without us great people there to show them how to do everything.' It wouldn't surprise me if they actually were thinking of that exact thing. Because, like I said, these guys are jerks. 

                                       They left looking very downcast and seemed worried. I smiled a little bit, but then felt guilty. After all, no one deserves to feel bad, even if you were that much of a jerk. I knew how it was to feel like you did something horrible, when they really didn't do very much at all. But at least most of the laughing and pestering would be very low key. The kids never did it when their buddies were in trouble and it was possible they could be in trouble too. Underneath their tough faces and brave comments, they were really afraid of what the teachers could do to them. 

                                      None the less, the other part of his group started to tease me like it was no tomorrow. "Hey, where do you shop at? You must have to go to Walmart for those clothes; they're the only store that sells extra larges times three," one of the cheerleaders in the jocks' group said. Of course she was a toothpick, while I seemed to be just the size she had predicted. But I wasn't really, just compared to her I was.

                                   I was really shocked. That was a new one. Apparently she saw my reaction, because she smirked and giggled. I looked, embarrassed, down at my book. After a few minutes of more giggling and whispers, I forced my gaze to look at the clock. It was literally three seconds till the bell rang, but it seemed like hours. Finally the bell rang and I rushed out of the school. I didn't want to wait for the bus, so I ran the whole way home. Tears were springing in my eyes before I even stepped foot on my block.


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