Over Again

Julie has always been really tall, and the kids at school give her a hard time about it. She secretly is very offended but she knows that they're only teasing. But Julie wishes every day when the clock hits 11:11 that she could redo her life as a girl with normal height. But when she actually does get her way, will a sweet boy named Liam and this life changing experience change her out look on herself and on liife?


1. Through the Halls

                            "Hey, Giant! Can you reach up and grab this ball from off the roof? I'm sure it'd be no problem for you!" this random popular guy shouted from across the hall. I shook my head, feeling my cheeks burn a dark pink. Everyday, this had to happen. I was taller for my age, but all the other kids asumed I was going to be a giant and would loom over them, for life. And they used it to their advantage. Anyone who cared about their social life at school would join in to make me feel small, against all odds. Even though I was five feet ten inches tall, they could make me seem only a mere foot tall. It just goes to show that the saying Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me isn't true at all. They do very much hurt.

                            I walked to my next class, which was an advanced reading class. That was another problem: I had the brains to go up against really smart people and win. It sucked. But I just moved along in the hall, ignoring the whispers and smirks with constant giggling. Life can't get worse.

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