bad days

three good friends come together to do the best to save one of there friends


1. The Info

 Dustin,Lucy, and George were learning a true unfriended game there non bullys were teaching them. one shot. George forgot to bring the 4 dollars. so all of them got blamed  " WHAT THE HELL?" Dustin screams as james pushed Dustin up the locker. "what did i say if Georgi did not give me the money" said james. Dustin wasent here yesturday he was out with his gf jennifer. Lucy comes up to james, takes his arm twists it and flips him over. "Lucy you kinda saved me from being puched by the weak boy whos on the ground" Dustin yell." well we both saved George" Lucy whispered. Later at 3:40 they got off the bus. they seen richard. a few weeks back they were messing with his dog. He seen them and chased them. They got away safe but Lucy droped her phone. they all ran but then Lucy droped her book bag. Dustin held her arm back and said ''Lucy we need to go come on!". then ran and. Dustin went threw a allyway. Lucy went and crossed the street with George. Dustin fell and hit his head on the cold dirty floor and didnt come back up. " got you now" Richard said. Dustin woke up in Richards back yard. " let the dog go Richard" said his little brother. O FUCK! Dustin screams. he gets up and right away feels dizzy. Dustin get shoved by something with four legs and one bis ass mouth. He didnt know what is was at first. he becomes less dizzy. Dustin craws back!   

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