bad days

three good friends come together to do the best to save one of there friends


3. the fantasy

 Far far away there lived a magical girl who loves vampires Dustin only wishes to see her AGAIN! Geroge and Lucy were searching for Dustin as they stumble apon a giant hole in the middle of a street. 'Lucy should we do it?" George asks. Lucy replied "Yes". Dustin went into the woods and climb his favorite tree that he called Love. As Dustin reached the top he notice a girl in the distance. Dustin called out for her. The girl heard him and then she ran. Dustin climb down and chased after her saying "wait wait!".

 " Its really dark down here" George said "I know right" Lucy said back. Just then Lucy remembered that she had a minnie flash light her brother gave her. Lucy turn it on. "AHHHHHH!" they both yelled.

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