bad days

three good friends come together to do the best to save one of there friends


4. knowing what happened

 Dustin got pulled up into the air and up side donw. "well well well" said the girl. " dont you remember me" she asked. " Alanis" she said. "this is revenge on everything you did to me like you cheating on me and then kissing my ass with the o you got my crying bull shit" Alanid yell. Dustin soon turns red after beeing upside down for to long. " what are you gonna do to me" Dustin asked. "youl see" she whispered in my ear.Dustin blacks out!

  "AHHHHHH!" they both yell " its a... what is it" George asked Lucy." its a orc... but that cant be" Lucy whispered. They both turn and run down a long pathway. "a dead end" George yelled. they both seen the orc chasing after them.then all of a sundden all the lights turned on and the orc was never seen again. George and Lucy wondered the path.

 "wake up" Alanis says. Dustin woke up to knifes and razors. 'im giving you a choic a saw or a knife". she asked' "Just let me go please ill never bother you again". said Dustin " SAW" she yelled. George and Lucy open the door. Lucy pushed Alanis George unstraped me. Then they all run out!

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