My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


41. Whole Again

Jacob and I drove to Harry's mom's house. As we were "Whole Again" by Atomic Kitten came on. I felt myself start to tear up, even though I was trying my hardest to hold them, but they came flowing down anyway. I was hysterical and I was driving, I couldn't keep myself together. I rested my elbow under the window and held up my head as I tried to stop. How could he do this? What could I have possibly done for him to go after another girl? I though he loved me, but I guess I was just fooling myself. I knew this kind of thing would happen, I knew he still hated me. This was all part of his plan. A plan to hurt me. I actually loved him and he still hated me...


I pulled up to Anne's house and looked in my mirror and fixed my running mascara and eyeliner. I sniffled and sighed as my head hit the back of the headrest in my car. I was trying to pull myself together, I knew Anne was still going through a hard time with my dad passing and everything. I undid my seat belt and walked around and took Jake out of his car seat and grabbed our stuff. I walked up the path and looked at Jake. "We're gonna stay with grandma, babe. I don't know when we will see daddy again...if we ever do." Jake looked at me as he rubbed his eyes. He still hasn't had his nap and he was getting a bit cranky. I kissed him and he brought his head to my chest and tried to sleep as he sucked on his pacifier.

I knocked on the door and Gemma answered. "Rene'e?" She seemed surprised to see me. "Hi..." I said. I didn't want it to sound like I've been crying. But when she looked down at the bags and frowned "Oh, no..." was all she said. I looked down and held the tears in. I nodded and looked back up at her "There's another girl." I busted into tears again and she had me come inside as she pulled me into a hug. "I can't believe he'd do that to you!" she said comforting me. "Gemma..." I heard a soft voice coming from the stairs. Anne was making her way down the stairs. Anne saw me and smiled "Rene'e! It's so lovely to see you, dear- what- what's wrong, sweetie?" She asked as her hand touched my shoulder. "Harry..." I said weakly and that was all I said. I was too upset to say anything else. Anne looked over at Gemma "There's another girl, mum." Gemma said quietly. I heard her gasp and saw her hand fly up to her mouth. "Why would he do such a thing? I taught him better than that!" she looked back over at me and pulled me in "Sweetie, I'm sorry." I shook my head "It's not your fault Anne. I promise." I said sniffling. I felt her nod "Yes, it is. My son is a complete idiot, sweetie. He's my son and my responsibility." "Don't blame yourself, Anne. Please." I said wiping my tears off my face. She pulled back a moved my hair off my cheek that was sticking to it from my tears. Just then the doorbell rang. I watched Gemma go to the window and look out and she turned around. "Mum, it's Harry." she said as Anne walked over and looked out, too. She turned around and faced me. "Rene'e, go upstairs, I'll take care of him." she said quietly.


I took Jake up to my old room and shut the door and put down my stuff. My room was exactly the same. All my Two Directions posters remained on the wall and Edwards, too. I didn't care much that they were right now. I ran to my window and looked out and saw Harry's Audi R8 Coupe parked behind my silver Camro. I then heard them open the door, I ran to my door and put my ear to the door and listened closely to the conversation that was happening downstairs. "Harry, don't you dare walk in here!" Gemma shouted. "Shut up, Gemma!! Mum, let me in. I need to see her, please!" "No, Harry." Anne said. I started crying when I heard him tell him no, but I didn't want to see him right now, or maybe ever again. I was so pissed at him that I was really considering just leaving him forever. "MUM, I DIDN'T KISS HER! SHE KISSED ME! PLEASE LET ME SEE MY WIFE AND KID!" I heard his booming voice and started to shake, he was very scary when he was mad. I looked over and saw that Jake was about to cry after hearing his dads voice scream. I frowned at him "It's okay, baby.." I said softly and put my ear to the door again. "JUST LEAVE HARRY!!!!!" Gemma screamed. I put my hand over my mouth. This was crazy, I felt like it was my fault in a way. "I'm sorry, mum." Harry said and then I heard Gemma yell at him about coming in.


He was inside and I heard him coming up the stairs. He knocked on my door and called my name. I didn't know what to do when I heard his voice behind my door. "Rene'e..." he called my name again. I looked over at Jake who was looking at me with tears coming from his eyes and scared of his dad beating on the door. "Rene'e, you better open this damn DOOR!" I heard and saw him trying to open my door. I noticed he had it halfway open and I ran over and shut it. We both fought eachother, he tried opening it and I tried shutting it. "Go away, Harry." I said pushing harder. "No, I want you, Rene'e! You're my damn wife!" He pushed the door towards me and I pushed harder again. "I HATE YOU!" I screamed. "No, you don't, baby." He said softly. "YES I DO! I don't want to see you again, Harry. Just go away..." I looked over at my upset baby who was crying his little green eyes out. I looked back over at the door. My heart was breaking as I saw my baby boy crying the way he was. His dad was literally scaring the shit out of him and I grew even more angry and that fact. "Otherwise, you WON'T see your son!" I added. Harry chuckled as he pushed harder and the door flew open and threw my back. Harry stood in the door way and looked at me. "You're scaring your son! Does that make you feel good??" Harry looked over at Jacob and then back at me. "Why would that make me feel good?" he said "I love that kid, Rene'e! And I love you...come back to me." he moved closer to me and I moved back. He kept moving forward and had me backing up against my bed. "Don't come near me...." I said as I sat down on my bed, I had no where else to go. He had me blocked in. He smirked at me and forced himself on top of me "I'll come near you, you're my wife." I tried to move but he had my arms pinned to the bed as he pressed his lips to mine. I struggled, but he was bigger than me and much much stronger. I started choking on my tears. "Mmmm.." I tried to scream and his tongue slid into my mouth. I moved my head to the side and he smiled at me as he then started kissing my neck. "GET OFF!" I screamed as I tried pushing him off with my body, but he didn't even budge. Our son was on the floor and Harry was acting this way in front of him. I felt Harry's hand enter my jeans and I flinched my body when he did. He smirked "You must not hate this as much as you sound like you do..." I then found enough strength and pushed him off of me. "Don't touch me ever again!!" I snapped as I got up and fixed my pants. Harry contiued to smirk and he looked over at Jake and picked him up. "Hey,'s okay. Daddy isn't meaning to scare you. Tell mummy, daddy wants her and I wouldn't act this way." He looked over at me and then back at Jake and kissed his forehead and put him back down. "This isn't over, Rene'e. I'll get you back." He said as he walked towards the door and turned and he looked at me. "I'll be home and waiting." and he shut the door. I shivered and then sat back down on my bed and cried. I couldn't believe he was acting this way.


An hour passed and I put Jake to sleep and Anne came up and knocked on my door and I opened it. "Someone is here to see you, sweetie." she said as she looked back and Ian came from behind her. "Ian?" I was shocked to see him here. Anne walked away and Ian smiled. I let him in my room and shut the door. "What are you doing here?" I asked him. "I wanted to see if you were alright. I followed Harry here when he came over and I literally been sitting in my car debating on coming up here." I looked down at the ground "Where is everyone else?" I asked. "They're at a hotel." he said looking around my room. I nodded and looked back up at hm. Ian sighed and looked at me. "You should know, if you were still mine to this day, what happened today between you and Harry would of NEVER happened between you and me..." he said softly. I smiled "Thanks, Ian. I know you'd never do that." We never really talked about our breakup since we did. I never apologized for it either. "And, I'm sorry for- you know, ending it." I chuckled nervously. He shrugged "Well, hey, you never know, we could have a second chance." He smiled at me. I bit my lip and smiled "Ian...come on." "Just give me a second chance, We're out of school...come on, I let you go once..." He smiled as he leaned into me. "What about Kelsey?" I didn't want what happened with me and Harry to happen with them, too. "I told her how I felt." that was all he said. I was confused on what he meant by he told her how he felt. "What do you mean? Feel-" "For you." He replied quickly. Oh no. "Ian..." I said looking away nervously. "I've loved you once good, I can do it again. Let me. Go out on a date with me?" He smiled. I looked up at his smiling face and it made a smile appear on my face. He was right, I do owe him a date. "Just a date? Nothing more?" I asked. He nodded at me "Just a date. Nothing more." I accepted his request and nodded. "Okay." I smiled as he hugged me. For a minute it felt kinda weird, because I wasn't expecting it. I smiled and hugged him back with my arms around his torso.


Maybe this was for the best...maybe I needed Ian again...

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