My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


40. "When You Were Cheatin'."

Jacob, my friends and I were at the park today. Harry was at home, he wasn't feeling too well. He was running a fever, I was really worried about him, but he insisted I take Jake to the park today with my friends. I was pushing Jake on the swing while my friends sat in front of us on the bench and watched me push Jake. "So how's Harry feeling? He doing okay?" Krysta asked. I shrugged "I haven't really heard much from him since we left, I assume he's sleeping. Poor thing." I frowned. I hope he was doing okay, I felt terrible that I left and wasn't taking care of him. I looked up at Ian who was staring at me while Kelsey was holding onto his arm and looking the other way. I smiled at him and he gave me a concerned look. I didn't say anything, because of Kelsey. I just looked back at Jake who was loving the swings. I smiled at Jake who was giggling and having a blast.


Harry's P.O.V.


I woke  up from a nap. I felt so terrible and like I couldn't move. I got up though to go to the bathroom, I felt as if a train hit my head. But for an hour now, I've been feeling this way and it hasn't stopped. I wished I could just feel better. I opened the medicine counter and took out some Advil and walk out. I felt thirsty, I know I had some Sprite downstairs. I walked down the stairs slowly, holding my head with each step I walked down.

I took out a cup and filled it with Sprite and took a drink and then took the Advil. I leaned against the kitchen counter. I looked out the window and saw other people out in the back yards and kids playing outside. It really was a beautiful day and I couldn't spend it with my family. All because I had a stupid headache. I think I was getting a cold, too. I took another drink and poured it down the sink. I was making my way back up the stairs when I heard the door ring. I narrowed my eyes at the door. "Ugh..." I walked down the stairs and walked towards the door and opened it.

My eyes widened as I seen who it was, someone I thought was gone and I had forgotten about her. "Jade?" I sounded shocked. I was.


Rene'e's P.O.V.


Jake finally grew tired, it was about the time he took his nap anyways. I took him out of the swing and carried him back to the car. Everyone got in and we started heading home. I checked my phone and still had nothing from Harry. This headache must be pretty bad. He never gets headaches like this, ever. He said he felt as if he was hit by a train this morning. He didn't drink the night before or anything, it's just came out of no where.

"Still nothing?" Krysta asked again. I shook my head and put my phone back down. "He's just sleeping. The headache was pretty bad." I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Ian looking at me still. Something was going on and I had no freaking idea why he was constantly staring at me.I broke away from his stare in the mirror and saw Krysta turn up the radio. I rubbed my left temple as Krysta shrieked. I looked over real quick to make sure she was okay. '2 Reasons' by Trey Songz and T.I. came on.

"Tell da DJ turn it up, bet the DJ bring it back Tell em play that shit again, tell em that you like that (Like That) OH! Trey, I ain't got but 2 Reasons to be here man. All the bottles, Poppin bottles. I know it's somebody birthday, right now (Right Now) right now (Right Now- now, Yeahh. Is somebody getting drunk too, right now- right now- right now- right now- right now. (Yeahhh) Catch me in the club like I own that bitch (Own That Bitch). Shawty dancing like she on that dick (On That D). Bad bitches never hold back (Never Hold Back) Send me a picture where ya phone at (Ooohhh)." Krysta was singing and then looked over at me and I looked over at her. "I only came for the Bitches and the drinks, Bitches and the drinks, Bitches and the-..." Krysta died down as she stared at me. "Rene'e our part is on..." I looked back at her and then back at the road. "Sorry, Krysta, I am just upset that I can't be there for Harry. Plus, I got a few things on my mind, you know?" I ran my fingers through my hair. She sat back and remained quiet. I guess I was kinda a buzz kill right now, huh? I frowned at my best friend.


Harry's P.O.V.

Jade was sitting on my couch. "What the hell are you doing here??" I asked her, I sounded more angry than confused on why she was here. She smirked at me. "Oh, Harry. Don't act like you're not excited about seeing me here, baby." She got up and walked over to where I stood. I backed up. "I'm not happy to see your skanky ass. And I don't like the fact that it's in my house, either." She frowned and came closer. "Don't even come near me..." She smiled "Why won't you just give me just a few hours to rock your world, Harry. I know you'd like it-" I didn't let her finish her sentence "No... I wouldn't. I have a wife and a son. If I wanted you Jade, I would of gotten you a long time ago." She pushed me up against the wall behind me "You missed out. Trust me, all this could of been yours, but you choose the hick-" I leaned up back against the wall. "Get out!" My voice boomed. She shook her head and smiled as she leaned in and kissed me on my lips. I tried pulling back, but she grabbed me by the head aggressively and held me there.


Rene'e's P.O.V.


I pulled up to the house and saw a familiar black Jetta parked on the side of the road in front of our house. I looked inside the windows from the car, I couldn't see anything, but I knew she was in there with him. I undid my seat belt and looked at Krysta. "Get Jake, will ya?" I asked her as I jumped out of the car and walked inside the house. Immediately I saw Jade and Harry kissing in the middle of the living room. I stood there shocked by what I was seeing. I never thought Harry would do something like this to me. I felt tears threaten my eyes as I walked towards them. I pulled her off of him and threw her on the floor and stood in front of Harry. I was mad and upset and he knew it. "She kissed me..." He said as I shook my head at him. "You gotta believe me." He said. I brought my hand up and it collided with his face. He held his face and looked over at me. I didn't say anything, I stared at him and then at Jade who had gotten up already and was smiling. I wasn't going to give into her and fight her. I was a bigger person than that. I turned to walk out the door. I saw my friends standing outside. Krysta had Jake in her arms. I didn't say a word to them. They knew what just happened and they didn't ask questions. I started walking down the sidewalk with tears in my eyes.


Harry's P.O.V.

I tried chasing Rene'e out the door when Jade ran in front of me. "Just let her go, Harry!" she put both hands in front of the door blocking it. "Move Jade." I said calmly, trying not lose my temper. It was short though. "No.."she shook her head. "No, I want you, Harry."

"Too bad. Now move." She didn't. I grabbed her by her wrist "WHEN I WANT YOU TO MOVE, YOU MOVE, BITCH!" I said losing my temper. She was scared, I knew she was by the look on her face when I grabbed her. I pushed her to the side and ran out after my wife. I looked over and saw her friends. I looked at Krysta. "Watch him for me, please." She nodded and I ran after Rene'e. She hadn't gotten that far. She was walking. I assumed she'd get in the car and drive away with Jake or something. But thank god, she was walking. "Rene'e....please, baby. You have to talk to me." I called out. "No, I don't." She snapped back. I started picking up my pace. "Please. Let me explain myself." She finally stopped and turned around with tears flowing down her cheeks.


Rene'e's P.O.V.


I turned around and was going to let Harry explain, not like he needed to. I knew what was going to happen. "She came over by herself and kissed me. You know I'd never want her-" I didn't believe him at all for some reason. "I never thought you'd be the one to hurt me, Harry! How could you do this to me??!!! We have a son together, we're we happy-" I choked up after saying that, because I guess, we clearly weren't as happy as I thought we were. "I thought you'd never hurt me..." I said looking away.  "I never would-- Rene' know I wouldn't- I love you..." His voice was weak and I could tell he was about to cry, but was keeping it in. "Don't say you love me. You don't!" I yelled through my tears. "YES I DO! YOU DON'T THINK I LOVE YOU?!?! DON'T ACT STUPID, RENE'E!" He yelled back. It scared me hearing him yell like that, because I never heard him yell like that at me. I walked passed him and pushed him out of the way. "Where are you going??" He asked in his raspy voice. I didn't stop, I just kept walking. "I'm taking Jake and I'm leaving." I said. I heard him began walking after me. "Rene'e...stop. Why are you acting this way, baby? I can't believe you don't believe me! have to. You..." I felt Harry's hand grab a hold of my arm gently and pull me into his chest as he held me. "You love me, baby. You love me." He said weakly and with tears coming out his green eyes. I couldn't see it, but hearing him this way made me tear up, but I couldn't stay here...I wanted to go. I pushed him away and didn't even look up at him. "I'm sorry, Harry. I can't be with you..." I said and I turned and left him behind crying.


It's not something I wanted to do, I needed to.

How could I stay with him and forgive him for kissing the girl who beat me up and threatened to tell everyone about us? I felt betrayed....

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