My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


39. The Way We Were

Harry and I laid in bed holding each other. It was about 3 or 4 in the morning and we had just got done doing the deed. I had my head on his chest listening to the sound of his heart beat over and over again. "You're so beautiful, baby." I heard Harry say softly. I looked up and smiled "Well, so are you. Everything about you." I said running my hand through his brown messy curly locks. He smiled and kissed me. He started getting a bit rough and his breathing was staggered a bit. He pulled back and looked at me with the biggest grin on his face. I smiled and made a sexy cat growl, Harry smiled and did it back at me. "You're feisty tonight, huh?" I asked. He nodded nibbling my earlobe. I smiled and pushed him away gently. "No round two, babe." He chuckled and the frowned at me. I kissed him and then got up to go to the bathroom. I was feeling a burning sensation on my stomach. I lifted up Harry's shirt that I slipped on before coming into the bathroom. I was shocked at how many love bites Harry had put on my stomach, that were hurting I might add. "Oh my god, Harry!" I said from the bathroom still staring at them and then touching them gently. "what?" He walked in and saw them and smirked. "Oh yeah, those look good on you." I looked up at him and pulled my shirt down. "Well, did you have to do it so hard? They kinda hurt." I said. Harry grabbed a hold of my shoulders and turned me around and looked at me. "Well, now people know you're mine." He smiled. I shook my head "People know, Harry. You don't have to act like my name is Bella Swan." I said walking back into the room and climbing in bed and getting myself comfortable again. Harry walked out and stood by the bed shirtless and stared at me "We thought that last time, and what happened with Edward?" I looked away. He always brought that up, I wished we could forget it. I know we wouldn't though. "Exactly." He said climbing in bed. I frowned as he laid down and looked at me. "I wish you would forget about that, baby." I said turning my head around. Harry rubbed my back and comforted me. "I'm sorry, baby. But it bothers me that, that whole time Edward did that, our son was just growing inside you." Harry said frowning. "I know..." I said looking away and wanting to cry. Harry noticed and pulled me closer to him, holding me tightly in his arms. I just wished he could erase that memory form my mind. He could do everything else.




Later that day, Harry had went out with the boys and left me home with Jake. We were in mine and Harry's room going through my old clothes, the ones that fit me before I had Jacob. My shirts fit perfectly fine, but some of my jeans were tighter on me, and I really didn't like that. Most girls would, but not me. I frowned and whined as I looked at myself in the mirror as Jake was on the bed. "Jake, why did you have to make mommy so big?" I said staring at myself. "You did give me a butt and boobs though. That made daddy kinda happy. And mommy." I looked over at Jake who was chewing on my Charlotte Russe cardigan. I smiled and walked over. "Is that good? It cost me $20, it better." I joked. He looked up at me and I smiled. "Go ahead, eat it. I'm over that cardigan anyway." I walked back over to the mirror and looked at my butt in the mirror. If only it hadn't gotten bigger.  'Wherever you go, just always remember, that you got a home for now and forever. & if you get low, just call me whenever. This is my oath to you. Wherever you go, just always remember, you're never alone, we're birds of a feather. & it won't change, no matter the weather. This is my oath to you.' started going off on my phone which meant Ian was calling me. That song was our song. Oath by Cher Lloyd.  We all used to sing it in the car. Krysta and I used to dance to it as we did. "Hello?" I answered. "Heyy!" I heard Ian's voice from the end of the phone. "Guess where we are." He wanted me to guess? He knew how bad I was at this. "Uhhhh, I don't know why?" He chucked "Holmes Chapel" He replied. Whatttt??? I smiled "What the hell are you talking about?? You're totally joking I said keeping myself from jumping up and down for joy. "No, we really are we just arrived and we wanted to surprise you and meet the new family. So where do you live?" I nearly dropped my phone. I forgot to tell them about Harry...and Jake for that matter. "Uhm, wellllll...." I didn't know if I should give it to them. They might be mad that I didn't tell them that I was married and had a baby. I decided to just give it to him and explain when they got here.

I hung up and called Harry. "Hello?" He answered. "Harry, you need to come home. Ian, Kayla and Kasey are here! They came form Indiana. I want you to finally meet you." I said. "Alright, well I'll be there in a minute." I quickly added "Uhm, wait. They don't really know about us either. So I'm going to tell them." "Renee..." Harry said. "I know, I'm sorry, Harry!" He sighed and then said, "Alright then...I'll be home shortly." He said. "Okay, I love you." I said. "Love you, too, babe." He replied.

I grabbed Jake and changed him before everyone arrived here. I had already cleaned this morning, so that was taken care of. I then put Jake in his boppy and heard a car door, then another and another.

Oh crap!

I ran to the window and saw all three of them coming up to the door. I could already tell from the window that they looked different. Ian looked so much taller, tanner and he cut his shaggy hair and had a girl with him, Kelsey...I knew her and I didn't like her. We had our problems. Just because Ian was my ex and everything. Kayla got bangs and started curling her hair with a curling iron, I always wanted to curl her hair and she wouldn't let me! She looked so pretty! I noticed Kasey looked the same, but she has a couple tattoos now. I opened the door and they all looked up and smiled. I screamed as I opened the screen door and ran out. We all hugged at the same time, just like old times. I couldn't believe I haven't seen them in so long. I wanted to cry because now that they're here, I don't want to let them go again. "I have so much to tell you guys!" I said as I hugged them all tighter.


We walked inside and we sat down. "Where's your dad?" Ian asked. "Yeah, you said you had a step brother and sister, where are they?" Kasey asked. "Yeah, is he hot? And who's baby is that?" Kayla asked. I blushed as I stared at Kayla. I moved over to the floor though "Uh, my dad- he- he passed guys." I said "heart attack..." I held the tears and remained strong. There was a silence before they gave me their sorry's. All I did was nod and tell them thank you. I heard a car come in from the garage. My stomach stared turning when I heard Harry shut his door and opened the door to the garage. He walked in and my friends looked at Harry and then at me, so did Harry. I smiled and grabbed Harry's arm. "Guys, this is husband. And the baby is our son. Jacob." They stared at me until Krysta broke the silence. "Harry...your step brothers name was Harry, that weir- nooooo..." She caught on. "Oh..." Ian said nodding his head. He was kind of confused, I could tell. "Guys, you don't understand, I know, but I love him and from the first day I got here...deep down...way way WAY DEEP down, I loved him from the moment I saw him." I smiled at Harry and he smiled back and looked over at my friends. "We used to hate each other." Ian narrowed his eyes at me and I shrugged. I noticed Kayla was smiling at Harry and checking him out. "Kayla!" I snapped her out of it. "I'm sorry, but you can't check him out, he's off the market." I joked with her. She blushed "I was not checking him out...I was- I get all the good guys!" She whined. I smiled and kissed him and then I heard Ian cough awkwardly. "Oh, right. Sorry." I said pulling away from Harry, who looked over at Ian and narrowed his eyes when he looked back over at me. "He's my ex." I said. Harry gave me a look and I told him to just calm down, because it was over a billion years ago and meant nothing. We were better off friends. Once I got them all officially introduced, we went out to dinner and talked together. I don't think Harry liked the idea of Ian being there, now that he knew. 


I told them the whole story about Jade, Edward and all the secrets we had to keep. "Edward Stiles?! From Two Directions?! YOu used to love him!" Kayla said. She was- or they all were shocked to hear about that. "Yeah, well, you know Two Directions song 'I Would'?" I asked them, they all nodded. "Yeah, it's about me..." They were again, shocked. Kayla looked at me with wide eyes. "Well, that explains Edward's solo..." She said looking at Kasey, who was nodding. "What do you mean?" I asked them. I was confused. What about his solo in the song? I never noticed anything about it. "How there's so much...what's the word..." Kayla thought for a moment "Passion? I guess, you don't notice how he sang could tell there was someone he was singing about." She said. I looked over at Harry who laughed out loud "Well, yeah. He was obsessed with her. The reason he went into the mental hospital was because he threatened to blow his head off if Rene'e wouldn't break it off with me..." He said dipping a chip into the salsa that was in the middle. "You're kidding?" Ian said as he stared over at Harry. "That's why?" Harry nodded "Dead serious. I was there. I had to talk him out of it." I remembered that day perfectly, like it was yesterday. I thought that was the day that I've seen the last of him, but it wasn't. We were there for another hour talking about how we become so popular in the UK. They were amazed at how well I adjusted here, because we thought I wasn't going to. But I'm so glad daddy and I moved here, otherwise, Harry and I wouldn't of met and we wouldn't be together. I couldn't even imagine my life without him. I didn't want to go back to how it was without him, either.


When we arrived home, I put Jake to bed and we all sat in the living room and talked some more, just like old times. I missed them so much. Around midnight they were ready to leave and go find a hotel. I looked over at Harry who looked at me. "You- you guys can stay here. If you're that tired. I mean, we can put blankets down here and you can sleep on the floor or the couches. The carpet is pretty soft." I smiled. I didn't dare look back at Harry and see the face he was making right now, because of the fact that I just offered my ex to stay here.The all nodded and wanted to, they didn't even hesitate.

I went to the closet and took out all the blankets we had and laid them out on the floor for them. They all changed and laid down on the floor and got comfortable. "You can watch t.v. or whatever. And sorry if Jake cries and wakes you up in the middle of the night." I thought I should only apologize now. Harry and I went upstairs to our room.

I was in the bathroom and changed into my short shorts and Harry's v neck. I walked out and saw Harry getting in bed. "Well, I didn't know about you and Ian." He said. I rolled my eyes "I already told you, it was forever ago and it was nothing. It was a summer thing and it was over." I said pulling my hair up into a pony tail. He crossed his arms "You know how weird it's going to be trying to make love to you while your ex is under the same roof?" I looked back and smiled. "Baby, 'try'?" He shrugged. "You're gonna do it. Even if I have to force you." I smiled walking closer to him. He smiled and raised his eyebrows. "oh really?" He said. I nodded "Mhmm." He pulled me on the bed and got on top of me as I giggled out loud. "Force me? That's kinda hot..." He smiled as I looked up at him. I playfully kitty growled at him once again. He smiled and did it, too. He pulled me up on top of him and kissed me, with his fingers going through my hair. He pulled back and looked up at me "Now come to daddy, kitten." He smirked.

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