My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


50. Rene'e's Death



I woke up today and looked over and kissed Rene'e on the lips.  She didn't move and I thought nothing of it, but it seemed quite strange, because she was a very light sleeper.


I got up to go to the bathroom and I came out and she was still asleep. I didn't want to wake her up, because she is terribly sick and I don't want her to miss any sleep. She needs to get as much rest as possible.


When I went downstairs Jake was already up trying to make himself cereal. He was sitting on the chair crying. Milk and cereal surrounded him and his little hands covered his eyes. "Jake?" I walked off the last step and he looked up. "Daddy, I didn't mean to!" I knelt down and picked up the cereal off the ground. "Muma usually makes me cereal. She wasn't up when  I woke up and...and I was hungry, daddy." I ran my hand through his hair. "Don't worry bub, okay? It's alright." I reached for a paper towel. I threw the cereal away after I cleaned up the floor and made him a new bowl. 


After breakfast, Rene'e still wasn't up. I was starting to get worried, because she was always up before this time, always. I went upstairs to check on Darcy as Jake followed. I looked in the room and Rene'e was still in the same spot as when I left. I stopped and looked at her and heard a little voice. "Daddy," I looked down and saw Jake looking up at me and then in the door. "is muma okay?" I felt tears hit my eyes. I hated when he asked, because I had to lie to my son and tell him everything was fine when it's possibly not.


"Yeah, she is just sleeping." "Well, let's go wake her up!" Jake said running into the room. "Jake!" I tried grabbing him, but he was fast. He jumped on the bed and I ran after him. "MUMA!!" Jake jumped on the bed. "WAKE UP!" "JAKE!" I grabbed him off the bed and saw that she didn't wake up or move at all. I put Jake back on the bed and looked at Rene'e lying still.


"Rene'e?" I shook her a bit and still nothing. I leaned up and shook her harder. I thought she'd wake up, but she didn't. "Oh my god, Rene'e..." I started crying. Jake looked at me and he was scared at seeing me shake his mum. "Daddy, don't shake muma. You'll hurt her!" At that moment, what Jake was saying wasn't going through. I knew Rene'e was gone, but yet, I still didn't want to believe it. 


"Wake up, baby. Please! Don't...don't go!" I cried into her stomach. She was gone...she was actually gone.


I heard Jake start crying and I cried harder. I leaned up and held her against me and I held her in my arms one more time. It's last time I'll be able to hold her. I pressed my lips to her forehead and cried. "Baby," I sobbed and tears rolled down my face. "I'm sorry...just know I've always loved you from the first time I saw you." I held her head and looked at her. "You- you can't leave me alone!" I cried harder and harder. "I need you, Rene'e!!" I said and put my head down in her chest and cried with her in my arms. I then felt Jake come up behind me and cry.


My wife was gone...I never thought I'd lose her...I didn't even say goodbye...

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