My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


27. Payback

"LET HIM GO, EDWARD!" I yelled.

I looked back and Edward was shaking his head already.

"She's not yours anymore, Harry Boy." Edward said.


I looked back at Harry with tears in my eyes. "Don't listen to him, babe. He's insane, you know that."

Edward was totally delusional.


I felt Edward harshly pull me back away from Harry. "Just stay away from him!" Edward said as he threw me back.

I caught myself and then looked back at Harry. I could tell that what just happened made him very angry.


"I swear to god- I will get out of this and I will murder you, Edward!" Harry said trying to get out of the tape.


I gulped at the thought.


"Let him stay like that all night. Don't let him go." He told the other boys.
 He walked up towards Harry and looked at him as he stood in front of him. "Renee and I are going back to bed."


I backed up as I stared at Harry who looked at me and then back at Edward.

"Don't you even think about-"

Edward interrupted him to laugh loudly. "You think we haven't done that yet?"

Harry became even more angry. "You son of a bitch!" He yelled.


I was actually very scared.


I felt Edward grab my hand and then pull me down the hall.


I tried to pull away, but he was stronger.

"Harr-" He covered my mouth and threw me against the wall. The whole wall shook as my back hit it.

I started to cry.


He never hurt me before,I don't know why he was now.



Harry's Point of View


I heard a thump in the hall and heard Renee whimper.

I squirmed but James jumped up. "You can't go anywhere. Why are you trying?"


This guy thought he was tough or something...

I could beat him to the ground...if I could get out of this tape!


"Why is he doing this?" I asked James.

"He loves her." He said sitting back down on the couch next to me.


He didn't love her as much as I love her.


"He hates you."

"Well, good. I hate the bastard, too."


I really did.


"Have they- well- you know..." I asked him.

He looked at me, I couldn't even describe the look he gave to me. I t was weird.


"Why would I tell you? Better yet, I don't even want to know if they did."


I frowned. 'If they did.'



I had to be asleep for at least 10 minutes, or less.


I woke up to Renee screaming.


"GET OFF OF ME!" She yelled.


My eyes shot open.


James jumped up, he must of fallen asleep, too. He ran into the other room with the boys.




I started filling up with rage.


I squirmed and tried my hardest to break the tape. Eventually I did and jumped up and I quickly made my way down the hall and to the bedroom.


I walked in a saw Edward forcing himself onto Renee.


He was raping her.




I pulled him off of her and threw him to the ground.


"STAY AWAY FROM HER!" I yelled as I punched him across the face. Blood started pouring out from his nose as I smashed my fist into it repeatedly.

I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him up and punched him across the face over and over again and thew him down. His head hit the floor hard.

I didn't feel bad about this, he was just raping my fiance.

I heard him whimper as he tried to get up.


"Can't get up?" I sounded like as if I pitted him, but I sure in hell didn't. I grabbed him again. "You're not going to touch her again, Edward."


I raised my fist and continued hitting him.

Eventually my knuckles became dark red. His mouth was now gushing blood.


I felt tears hit my eyes as I continued getting payback for all he's done. "You can't ruin us. YOU CAN'T! YOU CAN'T HAVE HER!" I was going to have to live with the image of seeing him on top of her forever. It made me sick. Hearing her scream like that hurt me.


"HARRY!" I heard Renee call. I looked over. Her hand laid on my shoulder and she was crying. "Stop, Harry please!" I sniffled. "He was just raping you, Renee! I can't stop, he deserved what he's getting." I looked at Edward. He was barely opening his eyes.


"You sick bastard..." I said.

His eyes shot open after hearing that.

"You can go to hell, Styles." He manage to get out the words.


That angered me even more.


I picked him up and held him against the wall as I struck him in the stomach.

I watched as he sunk down to the floor and I brought my knee up and hit him in the stomach.




I watched Harry beat Edward too death.


I tried to stop him, but I couldn't. He was too angry to stop.


I sat in the corner as I buried my face into my hands and brought my knees up.

I've never really seen a fight. It was scary to me.


i felt like I used to when my parents argued, only I wasn't a little kid anymore and this wasn't my parents.

Though I felt like her again, I'd hide in a corner with my face in my knees as I tried to hide from it all until it stopped. It wasn't working, I could still hear Harry's fist slamming into Edward's face.


I started to cry


Why couldn't he just stop and let it go? Edward should of by now learned his lesson!


"Harry...stop..." I said weakly through the tears.

He wasn't.


I started crying harder and I felt like I had to vomit.


"Oh, no-- Edward..." Harry said getting up.


I looked up at Harry who ran his fingers through his hair.


"What?" I asked sobbing.


Harry looked at Edward and then at me.

"I- I think I killed him." Harry replied with a shaky voice.

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