My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


15. Nightmare

I started sleeping with Harry at night because I was having nightmares about Edward. I was reliving it over and over. I'd wake up screaming and crying. Harry made me feel safe. There was just something about being wrapped up in his arms at night that made me feel so good. I mean, I guess it's the fact that I never really been in a real relationship before. I've had boyfriends, but none like Harry. ... Monday Morning I woke up after hearing Harry's alarm go off. "Mmm.." I groaned. I got up out of Harry's arms and made my way to mine to get ready. I opened my closet door and grabbed my dark blue tank top and went to my drawer to search for my white shorts. I styled my hair in a messy bun and put on my make up. I walked downstairs and Harry was already eating cereal.


"Hey girlfriend." He smiled. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I looked up at him waited for a kiss. He finally looked down and kissed me. "You look amazing, babe." He said. "Thank you." I smiled up at him. He backed me up against the fridge as his hands glided up my shirt. I felt his fingertips touch slide down my sides. "This needs to come off." He grabbed a hold of my tank top trying to take it off. I giggled as I pulled it back down. "Harry, our parents are here!" He shook his head and bit his lips. "They already left. Right here, right now." I looked around the kitchen. Where was he planning on doing it at? "And where?" I asked. He gave me a smirk and then picked me up off my feet and sat me on the counter top. I giggled as he did. He looked up at me as he stood between my legs. His hand started going up my thigh. That's when we heard the front door open. I jumped down off the counter and tried to act like nothing was just happening. It was my dad. He walked into the kitchen ad looked on the counter. "There it is!" He said grabbing an envelope. "I almost forgot it." He looked over at me and Harry. "Have a good day guys." And smiled and waved as he walked out. We heard the door shut and were so relieved we didn't just get caught. Harry leaned against the counter and sighed. "That was so close." He said staring at me. "No kidding. Come on, we have to go." I walked towards the door. "But- we aren't doing- no sex?" He whined. I looked back and grabbed his hand "keep it up, and it won't ever happen again." I joked. I pulled him out the door. "Ok, I'll stop." He chuckled.


In the car we were on our way to school. I turned on the radio and "Little Things" was playing on the radio by Two Directions. It was halfway through and on Edwards solo. "You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me." I turned off the radio really quick. Harry looked over at me. "Still having nightmares about him?" He asked. I nodded and looked out the window. "You just don't expect that to happen." "People hid their pain inside well." Harry was right, I wouldn't of ever expected that Edward was in pain. And it was all because he couldn't bear seeing Harry and I together. I'm glad Edward didn't hurt himself, it's still the fact that he tried to. Harry parked the car in his normal parking spot at school. I looked over and turned to Harry. "Okay, we need to set some boundaries here, just like at home. We can't let this get worse than it already is." I said as Harry looked over. "Okay. And they are?" "No kissing in the hall. No hugging. No play fighting. No flirting. No cheesy grins from across the lunch room anymore. No one can suspect something about us, Harry." He nodded. "Alright, I can do that." He said as he grabbed his backpack out of the back and got out of the car. I grabbed mine, too. He waved to me "See ya." Yeah, it was weird not getting a kiss from Harry. But I didn't want this to get out. It would ruin all of us.


Later at lunch I sat with Gary and his friends. I haven't spoke to them in awhile. "Hey, long time, no talk." Gary said as I sat down next to him. "Hey. Yeah, sorry about that. I've been getting to know the other kids around here, too." I said. "Yeah, we noticed. You've been hanging out with your brothers crowd." Jade said. I looked up at her. "Oh yeah, their kind of nice." I said biting into a piece of broccoli. "I thought you hated your brother." Jade said. "No, not anymore. Once you get to know him he's not so bad." She nodded. That was weird. Gary started talking to me about what has happened with him since we last spoke. "So what's been going on with you?" He asked. All the interesting things that have happened to me, I can't talk about. Like me and Harry or What happened with Edward. I couldn't talk about it. "Well, my dad finally married Harry's mom the other day." "Awesome. So you're officially apart of their family." Gary said smiling. I wish he wouldn't say that. Jade scooted her chair back. "I'm going to go to the loo. Renee will you come with me?" I looked up at her. "Uh, yeah. Sure." I said as I got up. It was kind of weird that she wanted me to go with her to the bathroom. I didn't know her that well. "Why can't girls wee alone?" Gary asked as I got up. I walked side by side with her as I looked across the room at Harry. He watched me walk with jade to the bathrooms.


Once in the bathroom, Jade pushed me in. I fumbled in. "What was that all about?!" I asked. "I know about you and Harry, you whore." She said. She grabbed me by the shirt and threw me up against the wall. I then knew Jade was the one who's been sending and writing me the notes. She's the one that knew. "That's all you'll ever be. A whore." She said smiling. I pushed her off. She stood in front of me. "You think Harry actually wants you? The only reason he's doing this is because you're too easy. He knows you'll gladly give it to him." I clenched my fists. I wanted so badly to hit her. I should of known it was her, she liked Harry and I knew why she was blackmailing me. "Well he certainly wouldn't want you, Jade. Especially after this. You black mailed me to get me to break up with Harry-" She grabbed me again and threw me to the ground. I grunted as I hit the hard floor. I need expected this bitch be this strong. "Stay away from Harry! Or everyone will find out about you two." She said letting me go. Once she left I tried to get up. My back was hurting from being slammed up against the wall and thrown to the floor. I cried as I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair so no one would suspect anything. All through the rest of the day I tried to think of ways to stop Jade. I wasn't going to give up Harry, not for her, not for anyone. A thought entered my mind, though it was scary and seemed impossible, we had to do it, we had to tell our parents. If we did and then told them about how we were being harassed by Jade, we could stop her. They would help us.


Later after school I met Harry at the car. "Jeez, you look terrible. What happened?" Harry asked. He could tell I've been crying. "I found out who it is." Harry looked up at me as he unlocked the door and we got in. "What?! Who?!" "Jade Blanchette." I said avoiding eye contact. "She wants you and she will do everything she can to bring us down, Harry. She told me to stay away from you, and if I didn't, she was going to tell everyone about us." Harry looked out the windshield. "Bitch!" He said hitting the steering wheel. "I've got a plan to stop her though." He wasn't going to like this idea. "We tell our parents." He looked at me like I was completely insane. "No, no. We can't. Why would you think that's the only good plan?" "They would help. They could call the school and stop her." Harry rolled his head back and closed his eyes. "Renee, just show they school the texts and note she sent you. We don't need to tell our parents." He said. I guess I never thought of that. That did seem like the better plan. All I wanted was for these nightmares to end.

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