My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


2. My New Family

My Step Brotherღ

My New Family



I stared at the window at the new town of mine. It was so small, smaller than Mooresville, and I never that was possible, because in Mooresville everyone knew each other and were friends.


"Ugh, dad..." I said. I didn't like it here already. "Stop it, Rene'e. You will like it here if you give it a chance."


Yeah, like that  would happen. I rolled my eyes once again.  He was so ruining my life and he knew it, though he acted like he didn't. Jerk.


I looked over and saw him dial a number. He was calling Anne again. "Hey, honey. Rene'e and I are minutes away from the house."


I groaned.


Time to meet my evil step mother and step siblings. I sat back as we pulled up into a drive way and I looked at the house, it was nice, but I liked my old one a whole lot better. There was already a women waiting outside, I assumed it was Anne.


I hopped out of the car and instantly I heard her scream my name and she ran over to me. "Rene'e! It's so good to finally meet you" She gave me a hug.


Yup, it was her. She was pretty and seemed very nice. But I just had to wait a few more months, true colors will come out eventually.


"My goodness, you are very beautiful. You look like a young Kristen Stewart, don't you?" She smiled.  "People say her and I look alike and Rachel Bilson. Thank you." I faked smiled.


Just then a girl walked out.


"Mom, Harry is seriously about to get dropped kicked, I swear I'm going to kill him and his stupid friends in about--" She stopped when she saw me. "Is this Rene'e?" She smiled.  "Yes." Anne replied. She ran up and gave me a hug. "It's so good to finally meet my soon to be step sister. I am finally going to have a sister, you don't know how much I've always wanted a little sister. Mom brought home a little brother instead." Her head shot around to Anne and she gave her a look. Anne smiled. "Rene'e, this is Gemma. My daughter. She is only home for the weekends and holidays." I shook my head. "Well, I hope I get to know you more."


Okay, I lied. Big deal.


My dad picked up my suitcase. "Okay, let's show her, her new room." He said smiling and wrapping his arm around Anne. I turned and followed them as I looked around at the yard. It was nice here, but I missed my old yard. I had so many memories in my yard. Slip 'N' Slides, birthdays, play dates. I couldn't do any of that anymore, of course, but still.


I walked up to the staircase and stopped. This house was nothing like mine, much smaller and not as great. I wanted my old room, I wanted my bathroom, I wanted my dads office back and the smell of our house. I missed how it always smelt like vanilla. It was my dads favorite scent, so it was always in the air.


"Rene'e..." Anne peeked her head out the door. "Huh?" I broke my memory and looked at Anne. "Come inside, babe. We want to show you your new room." she smiled and I looked at the house one more time before walking up the stairs and into the new house.


I looked around when I walked in, I was actually shocked. It looks much smaller on the outside.


"Nice place you got here." I said looking up at the ceiling and my surroundings. "Oh, thank you, dear." Anne said smiling.


We walked past the dining room where 5 boys sat around the dining room table. "Harry." Anne said.  I waited for one of them to look up from their card game so I knew which one was my brother. I had my eye on the one with curly hair and cheeky grin. I loved his smile and his teeth were perfect, I loved guys with perfect pretty teeth. His hair was curly and was pushed back into a quiff thing, he was perfect. I hoped he wasn't my new brother.


"Yeah mum?" The curly haired kid looked up with big green eyes.


Dammit, I thought.


"This is Rene'e."  He looked at me. "Oh, hey."  I waved and smiled again. "Hi."


Harry was my age, though he looked older than 19, but then again, I looked younger than 19.


Anne motioned us to keep walking. I looked at Harry as I moved forward behind everybody.  Going up the stairs I overheard Harry snicker.


"Stupid country accents. I hate them so much." He said putting a card down. My mouth dropped. That was terrible to say, I've been told by so many that my accent was cute.


"I hate those southern girls who somehow make their way to England for like a class trip or something. It's so annoying how they dress and how they talk." he shook his head and they all started laughing. "Yeah, she won't fit in here at all." A blond kid said, he sounded Irish.


These kids are mean, they are so judgmental. But then again, I kinda was, too. But I never said anything that hurtful...


"Rene'e!" My dad called and I ran up the stairs still staring at the boys.


What complete douche bags. My new brother was just as bad as the other 4.


I walked up the stairs and found everyone in a room. I assumed it was my new room. "This is your room. Gemma's is down the hall and Harry's is just right there." Anne pointed to a door straight across from mine, like really, it was like 2 steps away.


I sighed. Great.


Harry was already on my bad side. He and I were not going to get along.


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