My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


38. Mr. Mum

It had been almost 3 months since my dad passed away. I was still hurting from it, but I accepted it, I knew he didn't want me to be crying and hurting all the time. I knew he wanted me happy. People tried getting my mind off of it by doing things with me. Harry would take me out at night and stuff like that. But I felt bad, because I wasn't the only one who lost someone important to me. Anne did, too. She had friends who took her out, but I told Harry that he should be around with her more. After what happened to me, I realized that our time on Earth could end at any moment. He needed to be with his mom more, more than I was with my dad before he died. Because now, I wished I could go back all those times we argued or he grounded me and apologize for being mean and disrespectful to him, all the times I told him I hated him, all the times I disobeyed him. I regretted all those times. I didn't want Harry to end up like that way with his mom. She needed someone, too. And Harry was her baby.


I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when my ringtone started going off, 'I'm flying, baby, shining baby, I'm ridin' with your love. One hit baby, I can't quit, baby, I'm so sick, but so what. I'm flying, baby, shining baby, I'm ridin' with your love. One hit baby, I can't quit, baby, I'm so sick, but so what.' that was Harry's ringtone, I answered. "Hello?" I heard voices in the back ground. I narrowed my eyes and tried to make out and figure out where he was. "Baby, where are you?" I asked. "I'm at Niall's. Do you mind if I go out with them to town?" He asked. I sighed "You could, but who would watch your son?" I said leaning against the counter in the kitchen. Harry didn't say anything, I think he forgot that I was going out and he agreed to watch Jake tonight while I was gone. "You're there..." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Did you forget, I'm going out. I told you last night. You told me you'd gladly stay home with Jacob tonight and watch him." "Gemma. Have Gemma watch him. She said she would whenever we needed her to." He replied. "Harry, she's the one I'm going with. We are going shopping." Harry sighed and then mumbled something to one of the boys. "Okay, I'll be home soon." "Ok." "I love you." He said. "Love you, too, babe." and I hung up. I laid my phone back down and shut the dishwasher and started it. I looked over in the sink and remembered that I put hot water in the sing and soaked Jacob's bottles in it. I hand washed them, I didn't trust the dishwasher to COMPLETELY cleanse my son's bottles. So I washed them extra extra good. Jake was getting bigger everyday, he started laughing at Harry recently. He thinks it's funny when Harry makes faces at him and plays Peek-A-Boo with him. He has the cutest laugh ever, his smile is exactly like Harry's, just no teeth. He's got Harry's green eyes and his lips, his nose. He looks so much like Harry and that's exactly what I wanted.


I heard Jacob start crying, which meant he was up from his nap. I walked in his room and picked him up. He was crying and wouldn't stop, usually at this time, this was the time when Harry would sing to him and calm him down. I tried rocking him, I changed his diaper, I fed him and burped him. Nothing worked. When I fed him, he would scream harder because I wasn't fast enough, he expected me to already have a spoonful ready by the time he swallowed the food he had in his mouth. That didn't work, he still cried. The only thing I hadn't tried was singing. "Uh, okay, Jake, I'm not as good as your dad, ummm..." the only song that came up was 'Grow Up' by Cher Lloyd. She was my favorite. "I got a flow that'll make you drop, I got a flow that'll make you pop. I got a flow that'll make your mother and your father call the cops. We're gonna make this thing go blow, we've got a system overload, we're gonna be the generation that makes everything explode! And I when I say explode I don't mean that we using bombs. We doing stuff that we don't ever have to tell our moms. Love the stuff we got it, we got it all up in the room..." I stopped when I realized Jake stopped crying. I was happy that he liked my singing, too. Harry then walked in and I turned around. "He likes my singing, too." I said with so much excitement. "What did you sing him?" He asked taking off his hoodie. I looked away and smiled "Uh, Grow Up by Cher." Harry gave me  a look. "Don't. He will like the music I like, if he likes the music you, I won't let him." I rolled my eyes and turned smiling. "Hey, Harry could you do me-" "Yes." Harry stopped me there and answered quickly. I ignored it with a smiled. "a favor and wash Jake's bottles in the sink while I keep him from crying again?" Harry frowned. "Why can't you? I can keep him calm." I placed Jacob in his boppy and rolled my eyes as I walked by Harry. "Gosh, Harry. Is it really that hard to was a bottle??" I said walking over to the sink. We then heard a little giggle coming from over in the living room. It was Jake. He was laughing at Harry getting in trouble by me. I smiled as Harry looked over at Jake and narrowed his eyes. "Oh, you think that's funny?" He joked as he walked towards Jake and knelt down "You think it's funny when daddy gets in trouble? Wait, one day when she yells at you, I'll laugh." Jake smiled real big and grabbed Harry's hair and held on to it. Harry smiled and kissed Jake all over the face as Jake giggled.


I finished the bottles and took a shower. I got out and got dressed in my tye dye shirt, jeans and Chucks. I grabbed my purse and swung it over my shoulder.  "You gonna be okay with him?" I asked Harry. He nodded "Yeah, I have Finding Nemo on and when that's over, we got Cars. We'll be fine." I smiled and nodded. I grabbed my purse and walked over to give Harry a kiss. He pulled me down on his lap and kissed my neck. "No" I giggled. "Mhm..." He said leaving kisses on my neck and along my jawline. "Harry, I gotta go meet your sister." I said kissing him on the lips and getting up. I walked over to Jake and kissed him. "Mommy will see you in a bit, baby. Be good for daddy, okay. I love you." I said as I kissed him again afterwards and ruffled my fingers through the little hair he had. "And I love you, Harry." Harry smiled "I love you, too." I opened the door. "Bye." "Laters, baby." He winked. I rolled my eyes and walked out.



Jake and I finished both movies and I laughed harder than Jake did. I thought Rene'e would of been back by now, but I know how she is when she shops, once she gets going she don't stop. I turned on regular t.v. and watched The Big Bang Theory with Jake. A commercial came on and it was for Edward. "Uggggggh!" I said throwing my head back on the couch. He doesn't deserve this respect he's getting. Jake looked back at me and stared. "We don't like him." I said to Jake as I leaned back up. He screamed at the t.v. "Yes, exactly!" I said turning it. He screamed again and I looked over at him. "What? You hungry?" He made a whining noise and I knew that was what he wanted. I got up and made him a bottle. I fed it to him and talked to him as I did, he just stared at me as he drank from it. "You might as well enjoy this while you can." I smiled "I wish I had people to feed me sometimes." I watched him  stare back at me. "You're so cute, Jake. You're gonna be a little heartbreaker like daddy was. All the girlies will want you. Hope you inherit daddy's curls, then they will always want to touch your hair." I smiled at him. He then pushed the bottle away telling me he was done. I put him on his tummy and burped him. I cleaned him up and put him in his boppy again. I turned on MTV and saw Cher come on the t.v. with 'Dub On The Track' "Whoa..."  I said putting my feet on the table in front of me. I noticed Jake watching her and he'd jump in his boppy everytime Cher came on. I laughed at him "I know, bub. She's hot, isn't she?" He started waving his hands in the air and watching it more and more.

And hour later Jake started getting sleepy. I was letting him play on the floor while we watched Spongebob. He laid on the floor and looked as if he was going to pass out. I got up and picked him "Alright, bub. let's go to bed." I walked him back to his room and checked his diaper before I put him down for the night. I had to change him.

I finally put him down and walked out in the living room. Rene'e was still not here. I jumped in the shower and changed into a pair of black ankle socks, sweat pants and a white t- shirt. I sat on the couch and waited up for Rene'e to get home and made sure Jake didn't wake up. I was watching The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I kinda got into it, I know Rene'e was watching it on Netflix, I never actually sat down and watched it. It was very entertaining and kept me guessing and wondering. Not many shows do that for me.

I heard a car door and got up walking to the front door and opening it. Rene'e walked in with bags of stuff. "Boy, did I spoil you guys today." She said laying everything on the table. I smiled and gave her kiss. "I missed you." I said. "I missed you, too. How's Jake?" She asked. "He was good. He's sleeping now." She nodded and sighed "I'm so tired." she said taking her purse off her shoulders and laying it on the table. She looked over at me. "Well, don't plan on going to bed." I said holding onto her waist and pulling her closer to me. "Why?" she giggled at me. "Because, it's time for daddy to take care of you now." I winked at her and smiled. I kissed her on the lips and we moved back to the room.

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