My Step Brother

Rene'e is from Mooresville, Indiana. She lives there with her dad in a peaceful little neighborhood called Rooker Trace. Rene'e has the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect house, the perfect life. Until her dad meets someone from Holmes Chapel in the UK and is forced to move there with her and her two kids.
Rene'e finds herself faced with a very awkward situation.


45. Her Promise To Harry

I walked out of the bathroom and Harry was laying in bed watching Manswers. I laid down next to him in bed and looked over at him. His arm was behind his head and was laying on it, the other held the remote as it laid on his bare chest. I wasn't going to tell him just yet, because I wanted to have a cool way to tell him. I leaned over and reached my arm around him as I snuggled into his neck. I heard him chuckle and felt him kiss my head and then run his fingers through my hair. "Aww, my kitten." he smiled. I smiled and watched the t.v. I then realized that he was still watching Manswers. I looked up at him, "Harry, I thought you grew out of this show, baby." I giggled. He shook his head and laughed "Nope." Right after Harry said that, I heard moaning coming from the t.v. I shot my head around to see if he switched it to porn or something. But he didn't, it was still Manswers. "Ew!" I yelled as there was a blonde on t.v. in a bikini. It was going on about how girls like fast cars because it turns them on. Harry laughed at me when I shrieked at the t.v. "Get that half naked blond bitch off our t.v." I said leaning up and smiling at him. He shook his head as I climbed on top of his lap and straddled him. He tried looking behind me "Babe, you're blocking the t.v. I can't see." he said looking over my shoulder. I raised my eyebrows and smiled at him. "Hey, Styles. You're wife is right here." I waved my hand in front of his face as I giggled. He was focused on the other girls on t.v. I looked back at the t.v. and back as I gasped. He wouldn't look at me at all. "Harry!" I said trying to get his attention. I didn't.

"Fine," I said climbing off of him and off the bed "I guess I have no choice but to go topless...maybe fully naked." I said pulling down my tank top strap. Harry's head quickly turned to me. He grabbed the remote and turned off the show and gave me a cheeky smile. I pulled it back up and sighed "Thank god. Took you long enough!" I said climbing back on his lap. Harry watched me with a look, I knew what it was about. "So you're not taking it off?" he asked grabbing onto my hips as I settled back down on his lap. I didn't want to do anything right now, because I just found out that I was having another baby. I shook my head and kissed him. He frowned as I shook my head. I scooted down a bit and pulled on the draw string of his sweats. I stared at it and said, "But I will give you a little something tonight." I smirked up at him. "God, yes!" he smiled and held his fist in the air. I giggled as I moved down his waist.



16 weeks later.




I threw on Harry's Jack Willis hoodie, I wasn't too big, but I wasn't too little, but I didn't want Harry to see just yet. So for awhile, I've been wearing just sweatshirts and Harry's shirts, I can still fit in my clothes. I'm still at that point, it's just- you can tell I am pregnant and I at least wanted to wait until I knew the sex before I told Harry. Because I had a great idea on how to tell him. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my bad and swung it over my shoulder. Apparently, Harry was in the kitchen with Jake. I didn't even hear them. "Mama, bye-bye?" Jake asked. Harry came from around the corner shaking a bottle for Jake. "Where you going?" he asked giving it to him. "Store. I'll be back." I said. He nodded and gave me a kiss, I also gave Jake one before I left. "Love you, guys!" I said running out the door, I didn't want to be late. "We love you, too, baby!"  He called back.




I was back in the same place I was a year ago, same room, same doctor. This time I was aware I was pregnant before I came in, so that was good. I took off Harry's sweater, it was getting hot. It must be a pregnancy thing, but I didn't get hot like this when I was pregnant with Jake. I fanned myself as I laid down and held my stomach with my other hand. Then the doctor walked in, "Back so soon?" He asked shutting the door. I smiled "Yep. Same baby daddy, too." He giggled "Well that's always a good thing to hear. I see your name has changed since we last saw you." I leaned up and smiled, I still had a hold of my stomach. "Yeah, I married my baby's daddy." I said. He smiled and nodded putting the file down. "He not here?" I shook my head. "I wanted to tell him I was pregnant when I knew the sex. I have a special way of telling him in my head." I rubbed my stomach. He nodded and had me lay back. Was it a bad thing that I didn't tell Harry before? I mean, it's not like I'm hearing the heartbeat yet, or anything.

He rubbed the jelly stuff on my stomach. Same stuff I went through with Jake....

I honestly didn't care what it was, as long as he or she is was healthy so far. I bit my lip as he rolled it around and found the baby. "Okay...." my stomach had butterflies at this moment. "You know what it is?" I asked looking at the screen. He nodded and smiled "Yep," he looked over at me and removed the stick thing. "Looks as if Jake will have a baby sister." I leaned up quickly and my jaw dropped and a smile appeared on my lips. I screamed and kicked my legs, I was so excited to be having a baby girl. We could finally use the name 'Darcy'.



After I was done at the doctors, I went to the store, like I told Harry I was doing. I grabbed something for dinner and then grabbed more fruit snacks for Jacob. He liked those little SpongeBob ones.

I moved my way to the baby department. I had to get Jacob a new shirt, because Harry thought it would be funny to go out and buy him a shirt that read, 'I Was Daddy's Fastest Swimmer', I'll admit, I laughed, but I told Harry I was not going to be around when Jake wore that. I found some new cute ones for him. One that said 'I Been Inside For 9 Months' and another that said 'I'm Cute, My Mommy Is Cute & My Daddy Is Lucky' that one was payback for the one he got Jake not too long ago. I didn't get any girl stuff yet. Not until I told Harry, which I was planning on doing tonight.

I couldn't wait!




When I got home, I put down the groceries I HAD to get and ran up stairs. I took out a piece of paper and written something down. It was a poem that I thought of in the car on the way home. I had to write it down before I forgot it.

When I finished, I heard Harry walk up the stairs and open the door. I put the poem in the back of my pocket and turned around real quick. "Hey, baby." he said throwing himself on the bed. I smiled and walked over to the bed and sat down next to him. "Hey," he looked a bit exhausted. "You okay?" I asked chuckling. He shook his head and closed his eyes. "I gave Jacob a bath after we got inside from outside. He decided to play in the mus today. Then I put him down for his nap after lunch. He wanted to fight me during both." he sighed and rolled over. I giggled as I looked away and smiled. "So what did you get at that store?" he asked. "Something for dinner and more fruit snacks for Jake." I said. He put his head on my lap and I sat there running my finger through his curls and trying to put him to sleep. He was about there, until I started talking again, "Oh, and I bought Jake a new shirt, actually two." I smiled. "Oh yeah?" he still had his eyes shut. "what do they say?" I smiled and continued playing with his hair. "One says, 'I Was Inside For 9 Months.' I thought that was cute." Harry giggled. "And the other says, 'I'm Cute, My Mommy Is cute & My Daddy's Lucky'." Harry's eyes shot open and his lips pouted and made a sad face. I laughed and leaned into him "I'm kidding, baby. Your looks isn't luck, you're like part bunny or something. You're so cute!" I smiled. He raised his eyebrows and smirked "Actually, I'm part kitten." I giggled and kissed him.




After dinner was over, I went upstairs again and wrote down what I had on the paper I shoved in my pocket earlier. It said,

'I do not have a face to see, or put inside a frame. I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, I do have a name, though. You can't yet hold my tiny hands, Nor whisper in my ear. It's still too soon to sing a song, Or cuddle me so near. But all will change come April, That's when they say I'm due. I'm your new baby girl, I can't wait till I meet you, daddy. All I ask between now and then, is your patience while I grow. I promise I'll be worth the wait, Because of all the love we'll know. So what I have to give you now, is a wish to you from me. I cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful family.' I smiled as I put it down on his bed side. I heard him coming up the stairs. I ran and hid in the closet. I watched him pick up the letter when he arrived in the room. A smile appeared on his face.

I came out and he turned around with tears in his eyes. "Darcy..." he whispered and wrapped me in a hug. I started tearing up as I saw him tearing up about having a baby girl. I felt him pick me up and swing me around gently. "I love you, Harry." I said running my fingers down his arms and he sat on the bed and held me on his lap as he smiled through the tears. "I love you, too, baby." I smiled and wiped his tears away with my thumb and kissed him.

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