Summer School

Samantha Shaw, a strait A student, Shy girl, Best friends with Makayla. Never gotten anything below an A-. Finds herself having a hard time standing up to the school bully;Jenna and her little clique Savanah and Kegan. Enemies with Nick Evans for any un-known reason. Nick is a C and D grade kind of guy but he always finds a way to slip past the classes. Later Samantha gets an F from the new teacher and the same thing seems to happen to Nick. And the results?


2. Chapter 2






Status Update: Can anyone give me a ride to school? Missed the buss! Pllleeeaassseeee???

Comment (from Jamie): Hey girl! Hurry up and get your butt outside girl! I'm at your house. Hurry before were both late for school!

 Yes, Jamie to the rescue....again! I take one final glance in the mirror and with a sigh I'm out the door. "Honey? Where are you going?" Mom askes right as I walk out of the door. "Jamie's giving me a ride mom! Bye" I call as the door shuts. 


I see Jamie in her bright pink car waiting for me. "Come on girl!" She says as I get into the car.

"Thank you so much Jame!"

"No prob girl! Anytime!" 

We head to school. 


I get out of the car and look through the crowds of people trying to find Makayla. Where is she? 

"SHAMMMM!" I hear someone yell

"MIKKI!!" I reply

This is how we find eachother. Makayla is not shy and she convinced me that if I did this we could find eachother and nobody would know it was me because there were so many people around.

I spot Makayla just a little bit away form me standing in her white dress that came down just above her knees with a tan belt., a beenie just barely on her head and Tan boots.  She has always had this thing with fashion and well...she does a pretty good job at it. 

I walk over to her.

"Hey, so i see you got a ride from Jamie." She says

"Yep." I say

The bell rings.

"Well Science class here I come!" I say with as much fake enthusiasm as I can muster.




Well this Chapter was sort of a filler but trust me! There is Drama to come!! <3 Love ya BABES PEACE

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