M+D vampire love

Dustin And Mint are best friends. Almost like siblings. But is Mint developing a crush on Dustin? Oh, and did I mention they're vampires too? Find out in the story.
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8. What am I gonna do now?

Dustin's POV

I walked to Minty's house. Once I got there I unlocked the door. I heard a scream and ran up towards the bathroom. There she was Minty, unctuous with hr wrist cut. I called 911.

"Hello, 911 what's your emergency?" A women asked from the other line.

"My-" I stopped for a second.

"My girlfriend cut her wrist deep and now she is maybe dead." I said while tears fell uncontrollably.

"Ok sir. I will call an ambulance now. " she said.

-at the hospital-

"Ok sir. Ready for the good and bad news?" The doctor asked me. I nodded.

"Which do you want first?" He said.

"Good then bad news. " I said.

"Ok the good news is that she is not dead and the bad news is that she is in a coma and we don't know when she is going to wake up." He said waiting for my reaction.

"C-can I see her?" I stuttered. He was shocked by my reaction and nodded.

"Room 211" he said. I quickly walked to room 211. When I got there I opened the door.

I seen Minty's lifeless body. I ran over to her.

"Minty, please, I'm sorry. I'll do whatever to bring you back! Just please wake up!!!!" I cried.


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