M+D vampire love

Dustin And Mint are best friends. Almost like siblings. But is Mint developing a crush on Dustin? Oh, and did I mention they're vampires too? Find out in the story.
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6. The letter

After I went home, I sat down and started writing a letter to Dustin:
You don't know how much I love you

Dear Dustin,

Do you want to know?

I think about you everyday. When I see you walk pass me I instantly melt inside. That's my love for you. You don't know it but faith brings us together for a reason.

You are with someone who doesn't get you like I do. I understand that you love her but you never know what she is doing.

When I see you I get butterflies. In school, I can't focus right. You want to know why? Cause I think of you.

Please except my love. Love me back. You once did. Do you remember? You said and promised forever. Did you forget? Yeah, that's right. You promised you would never ever leave me. Then you lied. You broke your promise and broke my heart.

I lye here with tears streaming down my face and my heart broken.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you proud?

Think about what you have done, then, contact me.

Love you and always,
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