M+D vampire love

Dustin And Mint are best friends. Almost like siblings. But is Mint developing a crush on Dustin? Oh, and did I mention they're vampires too? Find out in the story.
Thank you!!!


2. His gf... :(

~~after class~~

I walked through the halls looking for Dustin. I saw him making out with his girlfriend Jennifer. Ugh! When am I gonna get to tell him my feelings for him? Soon I hope. I faked a cough. Haha!! That broke them apart!!!

"Ugh what is she doing here?" Jennifer said. What I had in mind to say was not so lady like so I kept it to myself and rolled my eyes instead.

"Umm she is waiting for me. Bye babe." Dustin said kissing her cheek and wrapping his arm around me while we walked out of the school.

"She is a real bitch." I said trying for him not to hear me. And Mint strikes again!!!!!!

"So I'll text you later?" He said. Then I noticed we were standing in front of my house.

"Oh ok." I said walking towards my house.

"Love ya sis!" He screamed.

"Really? LOVE YOU TOO BRO!" I screamed the last part at him.

I texted him as soon as I got to my room.

M- hey twix

D-what's wrong?


D-there's gots to be smthin wrong.

I smiled at that text. He knows how to make everything better.

M-well ur bitchy ass of a girlfriend annoys me SO much!!!

D-well what do care? Do you like me or smthin?!

Uh-oh. Yes Dustin I do care and I do like you!!!

D- sorry bootz...

M- it's ok.

D-good!!! :P

M-ok I gots to go homework time! Yay!

D-lol ok!! Bye

With that I was off sobbing into my pillow! Well I can go take a walk in the woods.


What do y'all think?

Shout out to Dustin:
Sorry but I don't think off ur gf bitchy..... I needed a twist!!!!! :)

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