M+D vampire love

Dustin And Mint are best friends. Almost like siblings. But is Mint developing a crush on Dustin? Oh, and did I mention they're vampires too? Find out in the story.
Thank you!!!


9. He's gone; forever

Chapter 10- m+d

Minty's POV

I heard Dustin say he will do anything if I wake up.

I was in water. I had to get to the surface. Every time I tried to get to the surface, something would pull me back down.

It has been 2 months now. I'm still in water. I want to be with Dustin. I swam up to the surface. As usual this thing pulled. But I was stronger when I came to the surface, I awoke.

"MINTY!" Dustin said. Wait, Dustin?!?!

"D-Dustin?" I whispered. He nodded happily then he kissed me.

"Who dose this?" I sobbed while my friends tried to comfort me.

"Minty, it's ok," cece said rubbing circles in my back.

"Yeah! He doesn't deserve you!" Avril said.

I sobbed and screamed,

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" Then ran out of the bathroom.


I noticed all the bad things he had done. My eyes turned red and the vampire teeth showed. He stopped kissing me when he noticed my vampire teeth.

"YOU HURT ME." I said. I felt 100000 devils were inside of me. And BOY were they pissed off!!!

"Minty? Are you o-ok?" He said. He was scared and mad and sad.

Me on the other hand was all the emotions! Especially hurt and mad.

I got up and George raced in. I yanked out of his grasp. The tubes that were injected into my skin fell out. Blood spilling everywhere. The wounds healed.

I raced towards him.

"You will pay" I whispered into his ear. I made my way down to his neck leaving a trail of kisses. I smelled his blood. I looked into his tearing eyes. His beautiful, kind, warm blue eyes.

I kissed his tiny, slim, pink lips. The last kiss he would ever get.

I looked back into his blue eyes. I held on to his shoulders.

"You've done to much." I whispered. Then I bit into his neck. His warm, sweet blood filled my mouth.

"NO!!!!!!!" He said as I drained him. I took my mouth of his neck. He dropped lifeless to the ground.

I felt as if the devils left my body. Sadness flew over to me.

"Dustin! No! What have I done?!?!" I screamed to nobody. He was once mine.

I picked up his lifeless body from the floor and placed it onto the hospital bed.

"I'm so sorry Dustin, you've done way to much to me." I whispered to his cold, lifeless body.

I connected the heart rate thing (sorry don't know the name for it) to him.

"Beep-beep-beep." It sounded. His heart is still beating!!!!

"BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP." It rang. He's dead.

I lost him.

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