M+D vampire love

Dustin And Mint are best friends. Almost like siblings. But is Mint developing a crush on Dustin? Oh, and did I mention they're vampires too? Find out in the story.
Thank you!!!


4. He hates me now!!

I seen Dustin's girlfriend. Hmmm oh a bite wouldn't hurt. I stared at her hungrily. George tapped my shoulder.

"Yes?" I said dropping my stare from Jennifer.

"Umm you know I can trick her... If you know what I mean." He said.

"Yeah I am SO hungry." I said.

"Ok be right back." He said then took off towards Jennifer. I heard a scream and I ran towards it. I saw George holding Jennifer's arms over her head.

"Oh look at the bitch!" She snarled.

"Ugh this bitch is the last think you're seeing honey." I smirked back and bit her and drained all her blood. Eww did it taste sour. Her lifeless body dropped to the ground. Dustin came running around the corner but stopped when he saw Jennifer on the ground dead. He looked up at me. His face was pale and tears filled his eyes. What have I done?

"Dustin I'm s-" he cut me off

"NO GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!" He said and ran off. I dropped to the ground and sobbed.
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