A Wing and A Prayer

Brielle Thompson is a small town cowgirl from Bellville, Texas. Brielle’s life goal has been to qualify and win the NFR and this is her year! But will things become complicated when she meets a stranger from across the pond? Will this mystery man make Brielle choose between a life she has always dreamed of or a life of love with him? All she can do is ride along on A Wing and A Prayer.

This is my first attempt if you don't like it please tell me!!!!


16. Today is the day!

Nialls POV  

I rolled over and my clock said 5:30 am. Well time to get up.  We are flying in a sweet helicopter to go and pick Bri and her friend up.  Make the 3 hour drive and hr and a half instead so that will be nice, but we do have to drive back.  I have never been this nervous and excited before. Well maybe except for when we played at MSG.  I stumbled out of bed to go wake Liam up to get ready to go.  

“Liam it’s time to wake up.”

“5 more minutes.”

“Liam if you don’t get up its going to get ugly.”

“No I don’t want to.” Alright that’s it I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a big ol’ bucket of ice and water as I creeped back into his room he was still fast asleep. 

“Liam one  more chance.”

“5 more minutes Niall.”

“I warned you.”

“Whaaa?” He mumbled and WHAM I dumped the bucket on him I have never seen someone jump so high and so fast in my life! As soon as he rubbed the water from his eyes and shot me that look I knew I was done for!  


“You wouldn’t get up and we have to go.” I said with an innocent smile on my face.

“Your Dead!” I ran as fast as I could down the hall towards the bathroom to lock him out.  I barely made it in when he face planted it into the door. 

“You just wait when your not expecting it I will get you for this!”

“Quit whining and get ready.”  I laughed as I hoped in the shower.    

---------------------20 minutes later------------------------------  

“Niall let’s go the chopper will be here soon!”

“I’m coming I’m coming.” I wanted to look perfect for her.  This was my one chance to make a good impression on her and I couldn’t blow it!  I run to the elevator where Paul and Liam are waiting.

“Ready mate?”

“As I’ll ever be.” We rode the elevator to the top floor where they had a helicopter waiting on the launch pad.

“Liam I’ve never been in one of these before is it scary.” I have to admit I was a little nervous.

“You act like I’ve been in one of these! How should I know?!?” Great we are going to die! I pull my phone out to text Bri.

To Bri:

Hey we are taking off hopefully I make it there in one piece! 

Should be there by 9 can’t wait to see you!

Nialler x  


From Bri:

I hope you survive!

Can’t wait to see you either!

Bri x  


Wait why is she texting me its 6 am who is up this early?!?! I probably woke her up now I feel bad.  


To Bri:

I’m sorry If I woke you up 

Nialler x  


From Bri:

No I have been up since 5!

That’s the life of a rancher’s daughter : )

See you soon Nialler!

Bri x  


To Bri:

: )

See you soon!

Nialler x  


Wow she truly is dedicated to what she does I couldn’t get up that early everyday. But I would for her.  As we lift off I begin to get really nervous! As we are flying over Dallas Liam begins looking out the windows.

“Niall this is so cool! Look at all the buildings up here!!!!” he was crazy! But as I looked out the windows he was right this was awesome! And only 2.5 hours till I see that beautiful face of hers.  

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