A Wing and A Prayer

Brielle Thompson is a small town cowgirl from Bellville, Texas. Brielle’s life goal has been to qualify and win the NFR and this is her year! But will things become complicated when she meets a stranger from across the pond? Will this mystery man make Brielle choose between a life she has always dreamed of or a life of love with him? All she can do is ride along on A Wing and A Prayer.

This is my first attempt if you don't like it please tell me!!!!


19. Talk about nerve wracking!


Briells POV  

I saw the color drain from his skin when I said father. We walked into the barn and out the horses away and then headed towards the house. This should be exciting.  

“Hey Kal why don’t you go grab our bags and meet back down here.”

“Ok will do Liam would you come help me?” Wow flirt much I gave her the look and she rolled her eyes.

“Of course I will” Talk about a grin he was loving this. The two of them headed upstairs to grab all of our stuff as my mother walked.

“Why hello there!” she said whipping her hands on her apron.

“Hello Mrs. Thompson I’m..” He began to say before she cut him off.

“O hun Mrs. Thompson is my mother in law call me Ellen and you must be Niall it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Why thank you Mrs Th..I mean Ellen. And thank you for letting us stop in.”

“O the pleasure is all mine dear, Bri I think your father would like to speak with him in the study.” She gave me a worried look. I turned to Niall and he looked terrified.

“O Don’t worry hun he won’t bite. She giggled and walked into the kitchen.

“Ok it’s the third door on the right I’ll be out here waiting."  He looked at me and then Paul.

“Hey your on your own.” Paul said throwing his hands in the air.

“Wow so much for protecting my safety.” he mumbled which we still heard and laughed.

“Go on it will be ok.” I hope.    


Niall’s POV  

As I entered their study I saw a very tall and stocky man sitting behind a desk with his feet propped up and he was cleaning a gun! I tapped on the door.

“May I come in” he pulled his eyes up from the rifle in his hands and nodded.

“Hello Mr. Thompson my name is Niall Horan.”

“I know who you are. You’re the boy here to take my daughter out correct.” I didn’t know how to answer.

“errm yes sir that is correct.” Wow this is nerve wracking!

“Well lets cover a few rules shall we Mr. Horan?” All I could do was shake my head yes.

“1 you are to treat my daughter with the utmost respect! 2 you are to have her home at a reasonable time. 3 you are in no way allowed to fall in love with my daughter understand! She has way to much ahead of her to be pulled down again by some boy.” Fall in love? Another boy? What did he mean. I was to afraid to ask. So I simply replied

“yes sir!” 

“good now son you see this rifle?” O crap what is he going to do to me?!?

“Umm yes sir.”

“Son I am a member of the NRA and I am one of the best shots on this side of Texas and I warn you I have one of the best shots, are we clear?” Was he threatening me? If so it sure was working!

“Yes sir we are clear.” 

“Have a good time then.” I stood up and walked out the door.  Wow and I thought performing in front of thousands was hard! Never mess with a Texan and his gun! I walked back out to the front room to meet up with everyone.

“He lives!” Liam said while laughing.  The girls were all giggling and Paul had a smirk on his face.

“Ha Ha very funny let’s go! Are you ready Bri?”

“As I’ll ever be.” she flashed me a bright smile. She looked absolutely perfect just like today was going to be.  




Alright this is it for tonight I will be working on the big date tomorrow!!!

I'm trying to make the chapters longer and more interesting so it takes a bit to write them :)


Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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