A Wing and A Prayer

Brielle Thompson is a small town cowgirl from Bellville, Texas. Brielle’s life goal has been to qualify and win the NFR and this is her year! But will things become complicated when she meets a stranger from across the pond? Will this mystery man make Brielle choose between a life she has always dreamed of or a life of love with him? All she can do is ride along on A Wing and A Prayer.

This is my first attempt if you don't like it please tell me!!!!


6. July 21, 2013 (part 2)


  Brielle’s POV:  

I couldn’t believe all of this chaos! Kalie not only got tickets to this concert but we were right in the front row! In the midst of all of the screaming fans and body guards.  This should get very interesting and I fear I may lose my hearing by the end of the night.  All of a sudden the lights go out and the crowd begins to scream as we see 5 boys rise up out of the ground and begin to sing.      


Niall’s POV  

“Hello Houston!!!!!” Wow I don’t think I could love my job anymore than I do right now! There are so many screaming fans and they are all here for us! It’s amazing!!  The show went on the fans singing and screaming and shouting our names.  It was finally time to sing Moments.  For some reason this song always makes me feel emotional I don’t know why!  As we begin I search the crowd for a girl to sing to, it always make the song mean more and to see that girl smile is the greatest feeling in the world.  As I scan the rows I stop on a girl that has the face of an angel!    


Brielle’s POV  

The concert is FANTASTIC!! I can’t believe it but I may actually be transforming into a directioner at this very moment.  The lights begin to dim down and there are 5 single spot lights on each of the boys as the music begins to slow into a song that I actually know.  Moments is probably one of my favorite songs that I have heard so far there is just something about it that I absolutely love.  As the boys begin to sing I attempt to sing along (I am a barrel racer not a singer). Suddenly the blonde one, I think his name is Niall, stares right at me and comes close to me leaning out as he sings to me   


Close the door

Throw the key

Don't wanna be reminded

Don't wanna be seen

Don't wanna be without you

My judgement's clouded

Like tonight's sky    


I think my heart melted! He looked into my eyes with those blue crystal like eyes. AS he let go and walked away he winked and smiled.    


Nialls POV:

She was breath taking as I grabbed her hand sparks flew through my entire body! I had to know who she was I had to make her mine! This must have been what Liam and I had talked about! She was the feeling I was getting! The concert finished and I sprinted back out to the stage I had to find her!  When I finally got past Paul and the rest of the guards I was left in an empty arena.  The girl of my dreams just gone in a flash!        

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