A Wing and A Prayer

Brielle Thompson is a small town cowgirl from Bellville, Texas. Brielle’s life goal has been to qualify and win the NFR and this is her year! But will things become complicated when she meets a stranger from across the pond? Will this mystery man make Brielle choose between a life she has always dreamed of or a life of love with him? All she can do is ride along on A Wing and A Prayer.

This is my first attempt if you don't like it please tell me!!!!


9. Dallas


Nialls POV:  


I couldn’t believe last night happened. The girl of my dreams right there in front of me and then just gone!  

“BOYS!!!!” Great now what does Paul want! We all run into the living room and sit on the sofa.

“Apparently there has been a slight mix up with the stadium tonight in Dallas. They have double booked your concert with a rodeo and are moving your concert back a day.”

“WHAT!!!! That isn’t fair!!!” Louis whined

“I know but they are apologizing and will be donating several items to your fans for the inconvenience.”

“Hey you guys lets go to the rodeo who knows it may be kind of fun to watch! I’ve always wanted to go watch and I could bring Woody!!! He will love it!” Liam screamed.

“Alright that sounds good I need to get out of this room and get this girl out of my head!”

“Still buggin you mate?”

“Yes! Let’s just get on the bus and head to Dallas.”      


Brielle’s POV:  


I rolled over and looked at my clock 5:30 AM man maybe that concert was a bad idea the night before a rodeo yuck!  I pulled myself outta bed got dressed and headed to the barn to start morning feeding.  As I stumbled into the barn I collided with another human.

“BRI!” my dad hollered as we both hit the floor laughing

“Whoops sorry dad”

“It’s alright kiddo did you have a good time last night? I figured you would want to sleep in so I already started your morning chores.”

“Awe thanks dad but that’s ok they are my horses and if I want to have fun I still have to take care of my responsibilities!”

“Wow aren’t we getting mature!” He laughed and smirked at me

“Yes sir!”

“Well hop to it we are going to head out around 12 for Dallas!”

As he walked out of the barn I made my way to Apollo’s stall. He looked at me as soon as I walked up.

“Well good morning beautiful are you ready to run tonight?”

He replies with a high pitched whinny I swear this horse can talk to me!

“That’s what I thought boy! I can’t wait either!”


------------------6 hours Later----------------------  


Well after Feeding cleaning stalls bring in cattle and running some last minute practice patterns on Apollo we were loaded in the trailer and headed towards Dallas.

“Dad do you ever get nervous I mean when your going to rope in big events like this?”

“All the time kiddo even and old man like me still gets the nerves!” My dad is one of the top team ropers in the country.  One day I hope to be a top barrel racer and a world champion just like him!

“Don’t worry hun you will do fantastic just ride him like you know and he will do the rest.” My mom said giving me a reassuring smile. We have been in the car for over 3 hours now and I am beginning to get restless as I see the big sign that say “WELCOME TO DALLAS” I’m here this is it!  

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