A Wing and A Prayer

Brielle Thompson is a small town cowgirl from Bellville, Texas. Brielle’s life goal has been to qualify and win the NFR and this is her year! But will things become complicated when she meets a stranger from across the pond? Will this mystery man make Brielle choose between a life she has always dreamed of or a life of love with him? All she can do is ride along on A Wing and A Prayer.

This is my first attempt if you don't like it please tell me!!!!


7. Come Back!


    Naill’s POV:  

I couldn’t believe it she was right there in front of my eyes and now she is gone how can this be possible!

“Nialler are you ok?” It was Liam he was about the only who would understand me.

“No Liam I’m not” 

“Talk to me what’s going on.”

“She was there the girl I sang to she was the one, the one I’ve been waiting for!”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember I told you I felt like something or someone was coming?”


“It was her Liam the girl! She had the face of an angel and those blue eyes she was amazing! I have to find her Liam I have to get her back!”

I ran out of the dressing room to the limo to take us to our hotel I had to find this girl I had to get her back!    


Brielle’s POV:  

“That was amazing!!!!!!” Kalie Screamed as she drove us home!

“I know I never thought I would become one of those crazy fan girls but I totally am!”

“I can’t believe that Niall sang right to you!!! I would have died!!!!!”

I blushed and smiled, I was just as shocked as she was!

“He probably does it to several girls Kal! I’m just another on the list.”

“No way Bri his eyes sparkled! There was something there for sure!”

“Doesn’t matter now he is probably on his way to a new city and a new girl while I am going to go home and get ready for my rodeo tomorrow!”

“That’s right you excited?

” “Excited, nervous, scared? YES!”

“You will do great Bri you and Apollo are doing so well this year!”

“I really hope so!”

The rest of the ride home I just thought of the big day I had tomorrow and I could not wait! Dallas here I come!  

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