Having to spend time doing a project together can really change a person.


2. 2.

~Ashley's P.O.V.~

I have now literally slammed my head into my desk. My hypothesis was correct, slamming your head into your desk does give you a headache. Harry. Edward. Styles. God, Angela's only boyfriend since the freaking 6th grade. Yeah, the populars and I have a history, but more of a Hatfield and McCoy type history. Harry and I don't exactly 'know' eachother. Sure, we've been in classes together before, and passed eachother in the hallway, but never been, 'paired.' I could only imagine what this project even is, making out for the shortest amount of time? I groaned loudly into my desk, as I heard random girls mumble and whisper things like, well- you know what I'm talking about. "Now class, I will give every pair of you a country. You will create a 3-D model of something that represents your country, then write an eight page essay on it. In exactly 6 weeks, both of you will show the class your work. The grade I shall give you will make up 40% of your geography grade." Mr.Middlestat told the class while passing out the forms. Six weeks with Harry, God only knows.

He then walked back to the front of the classroom and pulled out a yellow piece of paper with type on it. "I will now give each of you your countries, and no, you will not be able to change them." I pushed my hair out of my face, even if I didn't have much. I have short, blonde hair, that goes down two inches past my chin. (If thats too specific.) I had dyed my hair blonde, I'm originally a brunette. Yet I still have my brown hair showing like highlights through my hair. Anyway, past thinking about my stupid hair. Mr.Middlestat is still reading out the countries, and I have just enough time to hear Hue and Angela's. They got South America, which in my opinion, isn't that hard of a country, but try telling that to a moaning and groaning Angela. Liam and that Kendall girl got Russia. Lucy and Greg got Haiti, and blah blah blah blah blah. Main point is, my teacher is rambling about countries. Big deal.

You know, come to think of Mr.Middlestat, his zipper is down. I don't know, I guess I just notice a lot of things like that? For example, Beane, one of the cheerleaders, has her side pony-tail to the right, when it's usually to the left. Weird right? I don't know, maybe I'm just blabbing about things inside my head to ignore whatever country I get. All I know is, I am not doing this project alone, Harry may have stupidly good excuses, but I'm an all A student, so I'm not falling for that crap. He's going to work on it as much as I am, Harry Styles, welcome to the officially first week of hell.


Ugh. When is this class going to freaking end?! Is Harry and I ever going to be told out freaking stupid country?? It feels like hours, god I hope the teacher is enjoying himself. Would I be suspended if I gave the teacher the middle finger and just randomly walked out? Probably. "Harry and Ashley," God what the heck is it?! "You will get France." Oh boy, yipee, hooray, France, everyone shout out with joy. (Note the sarcasticness.) I honesly don't care what country we get, I'm just glad its no longer than six weeks. I could have Harry just work on it while I stay at home, but then it would look like a pile of cow manure. That wouldn't give us a good grade, France barley has any freaking cows. I now envy the people who got Kansas.

"That will be all class, you are now dismissed." I stand up and start gathering my things, when Angela comes over. "Listen, I overheard that you just so got my boyfriend." Ugh, would I get suspended if I gave her the middle finger and walked out?? Probably not.... "Just don't try anything, or else I'll personaly come to your house and kick your butt infront of your little sister." Ok, she didn't say butt, but I just didn't feel like cussing in my sentance ok?! She then sashayed out of the room, with her little 'heard.' I hate her more than I hate my partner, and the fact that she actually has the ability to kick my butt infrot of my little sister. I knew I should've joined Karate instead of Softball! What would The Secret Life of an American Teenager do?! Even if I don't watch that show, I'm still biased in the answer for some reason.

Ugh, do I always babble like this? Is babble even a real word? Should I have said prattling, driveling, or gibbering? ...... Nevermind. I quickly threw my bag over my shoulder, and walked out of class. I saw Harry, talking with a bunch of his friends in the hallway, I rolled my eyes, I didn't want to talk to him, but we may as well get started early on the project. Not right now of course, but we should get down where we're going to work on it. So I expeditiously walked over to him, and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. He turned and gave me a confused look, while his friends made coments like, "oh, itsn't that Ashley?" "Didn't she fall off the stage in the 6th grade play?" Harry smiled cautiosly over to his friends, and pulled me to the side. "Listen, I know we're partners, but you can't talk to me infront of anyone, it will ruin my reputation. We can work on the project in the library tomorrow, just leave before I lose at least 99.9 percent of my cool, ok?"

He then walked back to his friends, and pretended like nothing happened. Ouch. That hurt. I was going to sugget the wood shop class, since we could use their extra scraps to build the model. But the library also works, we could use the books to get a visual aid of what France looks like, since I doubt he's ever been there anyway. Right now, I just want to slam my head back into my desk again. I went to my locker, and put my textbook back, then got my phone and all the crap I needed. I went outside to my red motorcycle, and buckled my helmet on, I then speeded to my house, having the last thing Harry said on my mind. I know I don't care, but the vexation in it offends me. What the heck is wrong with me anyway? Do I have a bad aroma? Maybe I should buy better deodorant from now on... Just in case.


I parked in the garage, and then shut it, since it seems impossible for Annie to anyway. I then came inside, to see her sitting on the couch, watching Pretty Little Liars. I hate that show, but I guess its the new thing in the world of 12 year-olds. I could tell she had just got home, because her bookbag is still thrown by the door. Her bus actually arrives after I get home, but I guess Mr.Middlestat held me up today. I snatched a bannana in frustration and then stormed over to the couch, pulling the peel off viciously. "Have a bad day sis?" Oh, how could she tell? "No, just tired, thats all. Shut up and go back to watching Pretty Little Whatevers." I replied, munching on my fruit. "OooooooooOoooh, fiesty." She smiled. I hate my sister, but yet I love her. "Mom and dad call yet?" I asked. "No, want to check skype?" "Sure." I went upstairs to my room and grabbed my laptop, then came back downstairs. I set it up, until mom and dad answered. "Hey mom! Hey dad!" Annie exclaimed. "Hey An!" Dad said.

"Hey mom, hey dad." I said with a smile. "Hello Ash." He said again. I hated that nickname, but I don't want to spoil the moment, so I just shut it instead. "Where are you guys now?" she asked. "We're in Peru," mom answered. I think that was the country Zayn and Riley had gotten. Annie just smiled, only me knowing that she was nearly in tears. Mom and dad won't be getting home anytime soon, you don't even have to tell her that.

I then zoned out on the rest of the conversation, it wasn't too important, just saying how they miss us so much. I know thats the biigest lie I've ever heard. I know their having the time of their lives in Peru, dreading to come home to this. Or, 'us.'  Again, I didn't ned to tell Annie this. So while she talked with them, I went upstairs and took a shower, then got into some striped Aero pants, with an orange Old Navy shirt, and then just crawled into bed.

I was to exhausted to care about my parents anyway,

I've got other things on my hands.

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