Having to spend time doing a project together can really change a person.


1. 1.

 ~Ashley's P.O.V.~

 The first thing I felt that very first day, was the food being slammed against my face and milions of pieces shoving up my nostrils. I then heard the awful sound of all the laughter rising up into the air. Life sucks. Especially on meatloaf day apparently. I could just barley see out of all the food in my eyes, to see that one person that could easily be the twin of that Freddie guy on Nightmare On Elm Street. Angela Finch, one of the populars. This is very easy science.

Me: loser

Angela: popular

Conculsion: World War 1, 2, Revolutionary War, Pearl Harbor, French and Indian War, Boston Tea Party, ect.

I could go on forever talking about how many wars me and her could've started if we were alive then, we despise each other. Anyways, I still managed to try to get up. It ended in the still, horribly sloppy mess. And even more laughter of the whole lunch room. I cocked my head to Angela, who had the biggest grin on her face that I've ever seen. It burned into me, leaving a huge hole in the middle of my stomach. I got on my knees, balanced, and eventually got up out of the horror. Or, at least, one of the horrors. I still have the whole laughing matter, god if only I cared... Still, can't laugh this off. It's obvious that Angela had tripped me, and out of her own amusment, sent me tumbling to the ground in the disgusting meatloaf they serve every Tuesday. "I hate you....." I whispered under my breath. She grinned even bigger, and then just laughed along with her popular friends. I looked down at myself, covered in mess. Not a good day to be wearing a white shirt. The Janitor came and yelled at me for the mess, but I didn't even pay any attention to what he said. I kept glancing everywhere at everyone, who kept gawking at me. The embarrassment tied itself a knot in my throat. Once he was done screaming at me, I quickly apologized, and then ran out of the lunch room. I ran all the way to the Janitor's closet, and cried myself out.

Not for pity, but because of all the hate towards Angela, the other long list of populars, the people who laugh at my face everyday and make my life hell, all the teachers who yell at me during class, all the spitballs I've picked out of my hair every night, being picked last for nearly every team, just everything. It felt good to cry it out like this, I can't just do this every day at my house. With mom and dad being on millions of buisness trips every day, and having to take care of my little sister by myself. I wouldn't want to bring my sadness down on Annie, I would never want to do that. I'd pretty much hate myself if I did that. I wish I wasn't her older sister, I want her to have someone to look up to, I'm the biggest loser, I have no friends, I'm freaking crying in the Janitor's closet right now. What kind of person would look up to that? Annie's surely not proud of me, I mean, whats there to be proud of? A high GPA score? No. Surely not. Never. I feel pity for Annie, having me as an older sister to look up to. I actually wonder what would happen if she had Angela, instead of me.

That's not impossible. But it isn't true. The hope I have for her hangs on to that she can mingle well. For a 12 year old. But I have no time for anymore pity and hate, because the bell has just rung, and I'm still a mess. I use the Janitor's supplise to clean up most of the stains, but it's not long before I'm late for Geography. I just toss my book under my shoulder and quickly make my way to the class. I peek through the open door, and quickly find my seat before Mr.Middlestat can complain about it. But of course, even with his eyes still glued to writing on the board, he can't help but say "I'm glad you could join us Ms.Parker." I roll my eyes and just open my book to the page everyone else is on. I shot a glare over to Angela, which she gladly returns. God, only 2 more hours of this place, and I'll be free. Or, better yet, escape to Brazil, change my name to Bob, and train Parrots to speak the rest of my life.


The bell has finally rang, and everyone is quickly gathering their things. "Wait! Everyone sit." Mr.Middlestat says. Everyone exchanges a confused look, but we all sit back down into our seats. "I have a surprise for you." Great. "I know we all have been doing very well on out  tests and in class, so, I have designed a project." I want to throw my head into my desk, but that would only cause stares and a headache. Please tell me we can do this project alone. "I have picked out partners, so don't look to you friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends." Seriously? He pulls out a small list, with all our names printed onto it. He starts to read out the partners, and I can't help but laugh to myself as I hear Angela's partner. Hue Winkleman. He usually sits with the nerds at lunch, and comes in as the second biggest loser in the school. Besides myself. At least the worst of partners is over, that leaves some regular people I don't know and 2-3 of the populars. Liam Payne gets the other popular, Kendall Write. That leaves one popular and the others, and me. I don't know many of the populars names, exept for Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. Not including Angela, the cheerleading team, the whole football team, and casually just regular people with enough friends to look popular. Some people are paired up, only to leave 6 of us left, after the other 4 are gone, I can't remember who I'm left with. Mr.Middlestat clears his throat and begins with my name.

"Ashley, you will be partnered with...." I zone out on these words. Trying to remember the people who got paired. The final 6. Lucy was paired with Jacob, so thats 4. Then Greg with Riley, thats 2. 2 of the populars are gone, Liam and Kendall. My eyes widen as I already know who my partner is. 

"Harry Styles."  

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